The A-Z of Dreaming Differently: an affirming dictionary that teachers young readers to be themselves

What is this about?

Quite simply, a beautiful dictionary, with a word for every letter reminding young readers how to be themselves when the world may be telling them to be something else entirely.

What else is this about?

It’s the kind of uplifting goodness you hope every adult might have in their lives too.


Beautifully illustrated by award-winning Lucia Masciullo, this bold and affirming picture book shouts from the rooftops that you should be you.

A is for Attitude.
May you have bucketloads of it, kid.
B is for Brave and Bold.
Two good things to be.

This affirming alphabet story advocates for every single kid. It is a reminder to be yourself, without apology. And no matter the zig-zag journey, don’t ever give up on dreams.

Do you ever have those moments when you read a children’s book, and you just know you’re reading something magical? And everything just has to stop because all your focus is on the page in front of you, and it doesn’t matter you’re an adult reading a picture book because it’s just that good? Magical?

Yeah, that’s me and The A-Z of dreaming differently.

This book is in fact a dictionary — the kind you’ve seen a thousand times before and will again. But as the blurb above hints at, these words are empowering as much as they are fun: M is for Magic Mud Pies that are Marvellous.

…while N is for NO. This is a good word to say to someone who is Not being Nice and Not Listening to you.

The dictionary continues in this vein, teaching children that their differences are to be celebrated, and that they don’t need to conform to fit in — that they should stand up and stand out.

Tracey Dembo is a new Australian author, and her words coupled with the ethereal, delicate magic of Lucia Masciullo’s illustrations make this dictionary is one you and your young reader will be reading over and over <3


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