The Boss Ladies of Science: here are a few ladies who are kicking butt in science and taking no prisoners on their way to changing the world

What is this about?

This is the book about women changing the world your young reader needs to know.

What else is this about?

No, really it’s just about women of all races, ages and experts in different disciplines changing the world.


From astronomy and quantum physics to neuroscience, vaccinology and primatology, Boss ladies conquer in this illustrated celebration of inspiring and empowered female scientists from around the world.

You have a choice as to whether you will make this world a better place, even in a small way. – Jane Goodall, Primatologist

Boss ladies conquer in this celebration of inspiring and empowered female scientists from around the world. At the top of their fields of astronomy, quantum physics, neuroscience, vaccinology, primatology and more, boss ladies, including Mae Jemison, Merritt Moore and Kiara Nirghin, answer big questions and invent grand solutions.

Every boss lady was once a little kid with a huge dream. Let their trials and triumphs inspire you to work hard at what you love, and to believe in yourself, no matter whether you fail or succeed.

I have finally reached the last few chapters of Stay Awake, but still have a little more to finish before I can do the review — and boy, do I have things to say about the narrator in this book. Hopefully, that’s going to be next week, but this week, I want to talk about Boss Ladies Of Science.

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This book is one of those picture books that’s going to make you AND your young reader absolutely gleeful reading about these fascinating women who have changed the world. Yes, it’s a picture book but I would hazard guess that you haven’t heard of most of these women in this book. Like:

Professor Emma Johnston: an Australian marine ecologist, who has won awards for her work, held Boss Lady positions at Australian universities and co-presents a TV show. And yes, Australian women are well represented in this gem!

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Professor Francisca Nneka Okeke: she is a Nigerian physicist who specialises in the earth’s upper atmosphere and its effects on climate change.

Tu Youyou: a chemist from China who found a remedy for malaria in the 1970s.

And as an added bonus, and to make you wonder just what you’ve done with your life, there’s also

Kiara Nirghin: an inventor from South Africa, who at age 16 won the Grand Prize at the Google Science Fair for inventing a polymer made from orange peel that can hold hundreds of times its own weight in water — which means it’s a great help during drought.

Coupled with short, sharp paragraphs about each woman and what they’ve done in science, the book comes with lovely illustrations of these women in their chosen fields, courtesy of the author Phillip Marsden. His illustrations help make these women and their accomplishments accessible to young minds of different races and sexualities who see themselves in these pictures that they are capable of greatness.


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