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Allow me to introduce you to the absolute heartwarming cuteness that is East Side Sushi

Juana is a single mother, looking for a better life for her daughter and her father. She is also utterly amazing in the kitchen, and one day finds a suhi restaurant is hiring. She is hired, but is told she can only work in the kitchen.

Before long, her curiousity at sushi, and how it is made takes over, and she starts practicing at home, until she becomes good enough that Aki, the head chef allows her to start helping him — when Mr Yoshida, the very traditional owner is not around. He is fiercely traditonal and there just some things women aren’t allowed to do in the kitchen when it comes to making sushi.

Then, there’s the Masters of Sushi competition, and Juana decides to take a risk…. there are familiar beats to this story, but that didn’t stop me from doing this the entire time

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It’s jsut one of those movies you get lost in, and you know what’s comign but it doesnt matter in the least. Sighs. What a gem!

Strangely enough I haven’t found a good thriller movie to watch recently. — any recommendations?

This week, these are the books I’m waiting on:

Grave Reservations

A psychic travel agent and a Seattle PD detective solve a murder in this quirky mystery in the vein of Lisa Lutz’s The Spellman Files and Charlaine Harris’s Aurora Teagarden series.

Meet Leda Foley: devoted friend, struggling travel agent, and inconsistent psychic. When Leda, sole proprietor of Foley’s Flights of Fancy, impulsively re-books Seattle PD detective Grady Merritt’s flight, her life changes in ways she couldn’t have predicted.

After watching his original plane blow up from the safety of the airport, Grady realizes that Leda’s special abilities could help him with a cold case he just can’t crack.

Despite her scattershot premonitions, she agrees for a secret reason: her fiancé’s murder remains unsolved. Leda’s psychic abilities couldn’t help the case several years before, but she’s been honing her skills and drawing a crowd at her favorite bar’s open-mic nights, where she performs Klairvoyant Karaoke—singing whatever song comes to mind when she holds people’s personal effects. Now joined by a rag-tag group of bar patrons and pals alike, Leda and Grady set out to catch a killer—and learn how the two cases that haunt them have more in common than they ever suspected.

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This blurb has me at inconsistent psychic! No, I lie, the cover — I have seen Cherie Priest’s books before, but I don’t remember her books have covers like this before — and I absolutely couldn’t resist, And then inconsistent psychic won me over. This sounds cheerful, as much as Leda and Grady clearly have their emotional baggage.

The Disappearing Act

A woman has gone missing
But did she ever really exist?

Mia Eliot has travelled from London to LA for pilot season. This is her big chance to make it as an actor in Hollywood, and she is ready to do whatever it takes. At an audition she meets Emily, and what starts as a simple favour takes a dark turn when Emily goes missing and Mia is the last person to see her.

Then a woman turns up, claiming to be Emily, but she is nothing like Mia remembers. Why would someone pretend to be Emily? Starting to question her own sanity, she goes on a desperate and dangerous search for answers, knowing something is very, very wrong.

In an industry where everything is about creating illusions, how do you know what is real? And how much would you risk to find out?

Catherine Steadman is an actress herself, which intrigues me given the focus on pilot season, LA and Mia trying to be an actress herself. But of course: what on earth is going on with Emily, and who is pretending to be her?

In the Company of Witches

When a guest dies in the B&B she helps her aunts run, a young witch must rely on some good old-fashioned investigating to clear her aunt’s name in this magical and charming new cozy mystery.

For four hundred years, the Warren witches have used their magic to quietly help the citizens of the sleepy New England town of Evenfall thrive. There’s never been a problem they couldn’t handle. But then Constance Graves–a local known for being argumentative and demanding–dies while staying at the bed and breakfast Brynn Warren maintains with her aunts. At first, it seems like an accident…but it soon becomes clear that there’s something more sinister at work, and Aunt Nora is shaping up to be the prime suspect.

There’s nothing Brynn wants more than to prove Nora’s innocence, and it hurts her to know that even two years ago that might have been easier. Brynn, after all, is a witch of the dead–a witch who can commune with ghosts. Ghosts never remember much about their deaths, but Constance might remember something about her life that would help crack the case. But Brynn hasn’t used her powers since her husband died, and isn’t even sure she still can. Brynn will just have to hope that her aunts’ magic and her own investigative skills will lead her to answers–and maybe back to the gift she once thought herself ready to give up forever.

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Besides being an utterly lovely cozy (and reminding me of Practical magic a bit with the aunts, I was caught by the tragedy of Brynn having the power to speak to ghosts, and not being able to — or is her choice not to — speak to her dead husband <3

As the Wicked Watch

The first in a thrilling new series from Emmy Award–winning journalist Tamron Hall, in which a reporter unravels the disturbing mystery around the deaths of two black girls, the work of a serial killer terrorizing Chicago.

When crime reporter Jordan Manning leaves her hometown in Texas to take a job at a television station in Chicago, she’s one step closer to her a dream: a coveted anchor chair on a national network.

Jordan is smart and aggressive, with unabashed star-power, and often the only woman of color in the newsroom. Her signature? Arriving first on the scene—in impractical designer stilettos. Armed with a master’s degree in forensic science and impeccable instincts, Jordan has thus far been able to balance her dueling motivations: breaking every big story—and giving voice to the voiceless.

From her time reporting in Texas, she’s sure she has covered the vilest of human behaviors, but nothing has prepared her for Chicago. You see, Jordan is that rare breed of journalist who can navigate a crime scene as well as she can a newsroom—often noticing what others tend to miss. Again and again, she is called to cover the murders of black females, many of them sexually assaulted, most brutalized, and all of them quickly forgotten.

All until Masey James—the story that Jordan just can’t shake, try as she might. A fifteen-year-old girl whose body was found in an abandoned lot, Masey has come to represent for Jordan all of the frustration that her job—with its required distance—often forces her to repress. Putting the rest of her workload and her (fraying) personal life aside, Jordan does everything she can to give the story the coverage it desperately requires, and that a missing black child would so rarely get. Three young boys are eventually charged with Masey’s murder, but Jordan remains unconvinced.

There’s a serial killer on the loose, Jordan believes, and he’s hiding in plain sight.

Now this is sounds like an engrossing mystery, wrapped around the very real life facts that missing black (and First Nations) children don’t get the attention their cases deserve. Also, Jordan is badass

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Arya Winters and The Tiramisu of Death

Arya Winters is your typical cozy heroine. She lives in a cottage in a small English village, and bakes for a living–well, she specializes in macabre dessrts. She has the standard nosy neighbors, who she avoids ruthlessly due to her social anxiety. And, oh, she also has a mild case of Tourette’s. When her neighbor Tobias Yards turns up dead, no one seems to connect it to Arya’s Auntie Meera’s recent death, so takes matters into her own hands. All she has to do to uncover the truth is to get over her aversion to Other People. Besides that, it’s just a matter of getting beyond some yellow tape, dodging her former BFF Tallulah from secondary school, and getting into her new neighbor, writer Branwell Beam’s, pants–he seems strangely reluctant. What Arya doesn’t realize is that the murderer is dangerous, preying on lonely people who’ve experienced trauma, and that she might have to do all she can not to become the next victim.

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What is a macabre desert, I wonder? And Arya is not your typial heroine either — how does she navigate a murder?

That’s it for me this week! What’s going on your TBR?


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