Lost Hills: The new detective you’re going to want to read

What is this about?: Eve is a detective who just made it onto the homicide squad when she is assigned a triple murder. It’s her first big case in a squad who thinks she took advantage of a viral video to get a promotion and doesn’t actually belong there.

What else is this about?: It’s an introduction to a woman who has no qualms about using whatever she can to get the promotion she wants, to solve the cases she’s assigned. The thing is — she really is just that good.


A detective’s brutal first case could make or break her career in an exhilarating thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg.

A video of Deputy Eve Ronin’s off-duty arrest of an abusive movie star goes viral, turning her into a popular hero at a time when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is plagued by scandal. The sheriff, desperate for more positive press, makes Eve the youngest female homicide detective in the department’s history.

Now Eve, with a lot to learn and resented by her colleagues, has to justify her new badge. Her chance comes when she and her burned-out, soon-to-retire partner are called to the blood-splattered home of a missing single mother and her two kids. The horrific carnage screams multiple murder—but there are no corpses.

Eve has to rely on her instincts and tenacity to find the bodies and capture the vicious killer, all while battling her own insecurities and mounting pressure from the media, her bosses, and the bereaved family. It’s a deadly ordeal that will either prove her skills…or totally destroy her.

Lost Hills  is a superb introduction to Eve Ronin, a young detective newly assigned to the homicide squad.

She’s assigned as a partner to Duncan, a cop who is simply biding his time until he retires (personally, I think that means he’s going to die at some point, but that’s just me). He is acerbic, but won’t pull his punches for anyone. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t have Eve’s back when she needs it.

And she does in this book

It’s hard to describe Eve — she’s straightforward, and she won’t take anyone’s bullshit. She knows she only got the transfer to homicide because she used a viral video to her advantage, and the department needed the positive press. She’s perfectly willing to admit that because she knows she’s a good detective and has no qualms about facing down the sexist bullshit she has to face in the squad.

The case in question is a gruesome triple murder, and Eve find herself thrown into the deep end. Eve presents the picture of an determined detective, and she holds her own against the cops that don’t like her.

In addition to this, Lee Goldberg intersperses her private life with her professional by introducing her sister and her mother, a former actress determined on using her daughter’s notoriety to earn them both a show at a studio. Her mother is adept at getting under her skin, while her sister and Eve present a picture of siblings against the world — or her mother’s ambition and determination to be an actress. That feeling — of Eve needing to take care of her siblings, of fighting the neglect that they suffered plays a big part in her drive to solve the case.

The case is anything but straightforward, Goldberg had me guessing towards the end when things took an entirely different turn and had me sitting up and going: WHAT. 

Lost Hills is a completely engrossing beginning to a new series, and character. I cannot wait for more!


  • Silvia says:

    Her first big case is a triple murder? That’s intense! I’m glad you enjoyed this book so much, I just love when things take an entirely different turn in the end, that is what makes for a very well done thriller 😉

  • Jen Mullen says:

    I liked it! Haven’t reviewed it yet, but looking forward to the next one. 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    I love when books can still surprise you and I absolutely love the sound of Eve’s character! Being a young female detective in a department with so many older men must be intimidating but I love that she’s taken it all in her stride and pushes back. I haven’t heard of Lee Goldberg before but looking forward to checking this one out. Brilliant review Verushka!

    • Verushka says:

      I like that Eve knows how to play the system of older men in charge, to her advantage and then goes and proves herself like the HBIC she is ( not that it’s easy by any means). But it’s that she knows that she has to play by their rules, so she will use them to her advantage when she can.

  • Eve sounds like the kinda of partner I would want. The mystery sounds like it would something I would definitely enjoy unraveling!

  • Eve sounds like my kind of character and I just love how suspenseful the story sounds. It also sounds like there’s the potential for a pretty interesting dynamic between her and the partner with one foot out the door into retirement (assuming he doesn’t get killed off anyway, lol).

  • Gulp…talk about boots on the ground. A triple murder for her first case? Yikes. This sounds good. I’ve been devouring this genre lately, so on this list it goes 🙂

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