Top Ten Tuesday: Books I read this year that should be a Netflix series but probably won’t be

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about.  This week’s topic  is a freebie so I thought about movies and books, and wondered what I would like to see as a Netflix show.

The Shotgun Lawyer

I 100% binged A Time to Kill, The Lincoln Lawyer and The Firm a couple of weeks ago, and they are the best legal movies that come to mind in recent years.  And I mean, really the most empathetic character is the paralegal whose a Satanist. And no, I will never get over that,

The Night in Question

Can be summed up like this: the dark side of ridesharing. It’s could have been a better book, but I think it could be a great, creepy series.

To the Lions

Is an epic, and very political story — which I think could work so well. And also British.

The Secrets We Kept

OMG. EPIC. This needs a series to go into the depths of the relationship between the women that make up the main characters of this story — and I mean, at it’s heart, this book is several love stories, all working within the plot of getting Dr Zhivago published.

Ramen Assassin

Spies, action, banter and a love story. And ramen and the action — would make for something completely watchable.

City of Sinners

Is the third in the Harry Virdee series, and it’s such a perfect exploration of conflicting personalities and how ingrained racism can be within a culture. It’s also about family, about no matter how much they break apart,  they’ll keep coming back together, and sometimes that’s not a good thing. Also utterly compelling mysteries!

Dead Man Switch

1946 Sydney, with PI Billie Walker. Make it happen, Netflix!

The Rumour

Ohhh boy. A small English village is torn apart when a vicious rumour about someone in their village starts circulating — that there’s a child killer in their midst; someone who murdered a child when they themselves were a child. The rumour goes out of control… and then the truth comes out.

The Chain

Is an absolutely terrifying plot: your child is kidnapped, and you have to kidnap another child and pay a ransom to get yours free. And the chain just keeps on going, with no end in sight.

Harriet Blue series 

Actually I’m torn — the Harriet Blue series is done in partnership with James Patterson, but the Crimson Lake series, is actually a whole lot quirkier. Both are set in Australia, and really, I could do with more series like this.

That’s it. What’s book did you read this year that absolutely needs to be a Netflix series?


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