Top Ten Tuesday: Those books I am thankful for having read this year

f you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about.  This week’s topic is about how our reading habits have changed, so here is a list of books I would not normally have read.

Saving You: This one dragged me out of a slump, a bad one that I had left me floundering. It probably set the precedent for me about what to do when I can feel myself drifting and unable to sit still to read anything.

The Flower Girls: This was a lesson in subtle writing, with the author laying the plot points towards a conclusion that still makes my jaw drop it was so good. Twists don’t need to be trumpeted or to big deals. Sometimes the quieter ones are the ones that stick with readers, and Alice Clark-Platts is an author I will be following religiously.

Ayesha at Last: Ayesha at Last made me appreciate retellings so much. It’s the heart of Pride and Prejudice, in a story about how a Muslim couple falls in love. It’s beautiful, it opens readers’ eyes to another culture with a familiar setting and celebrates diversity while retaining the goodness of a classic that is adored.

The Rumour: This book had a very specific hidden twist that basically reset my thinking about one particular character, and everything that the character did. It was the kind of devastating twist at the end second and third and fourth-guessing everyone,

On the Come Up: I waited way too long to read Angie Thomas. It’s not The Hate U Give, which I haven’t read yet, but still powerful.

Bowraville: This true crime story is one that I won’t soon forget. It’s the story of three murdered Aboriginal children, the police who didnot care what happened to them and a suspect that was known to the police and yet nothing was ever done.

#MeToo Stories from the Australian Movement: I was glad for the diversity of women and careers in this, and sad too. Because they all experienced variations on the same thing. I think I would urge any woman to read something like this to understand this movement isn’t just the big names we see on TV.

Red White and Royal Blue: A romance between the US President’s son and the Prince of Wales that still makes me smile thinking about it.

The Shotgun Lawyer: made me appreciate legal thrillers again, and seriously, there’s a character whose a Satanist and he should be protected at all costs. That’s the sort of unexpected goodness I want of books I read.

The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters: Is another book that is on the best of list for me this year. What a glorious celebration of Indian women, sisters and the good and the bad.

I know I’ve mentioned a couple of these over and over, but I think you can safely assume they’re worth your time lol


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