Top Ten Tuesday: Character traits I love

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about.  This week’s topic is about character traits I love.

Vulnerability: Even the most badass of characters needs something for readers to hold on to, which usually we can see coming a mile away. Even if backstories are cliche, it’s how the author translates it to the character in the present that can make it work so well.

Smartass: This is like a given right? LOL!

Be any kind of badass: A character doesn’t have to be a physical badass to be a badass: Sherlock anyone? There are all sorts of badassery — computers, manipulators and just the Neville Longbottom who stands up when when it counts.

Intelligence: give me a girl who excels at STEM and a boy who is a art history major, or vice versa. Intelligence is sexy.

Humour: not often well done, I find this strays to snark more often not for me. Humour is the kind of funny that makes me laugh out loud while the character doesn’t have to try too hard to be funny.

Character traits I don’t like:

Rich people don’t have to be assholes

Poor people don’t have to be nice all the time

Snarky characters that are more mean that anything

Characters who are their plots and nothing else.

There’s more I’m sure. But these come to mind for now.


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