Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Tropes

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about.  This week’s topic is about our favourite tropes, and in the thriller genre at least, that’s easy to identify. But other genres, are a bit harder, so apologies if the below doesn’t quite fit the TTT after all.

Legal thrillers: underdogs. Give me a good underdog story in a courtroom and I am hooked.

Romances: I need my romances to have a different hook  to the norm — which defeats the purpose of the TTT I know. I know there are beats to romances or thrillers that will always be in any book in that genre, and I think I do judge romances to stricter criteria, but still. The Flatshare? A funny, heartfelt romance about two people who fall in love over post-its, and the book deals with deeper topics at the same time. Red, White and Royal Blue is about the US First Son and a Prince of the UK falling in love, but it’s the characters around them that made the story all the better.

Amnesia. It’s a thing, and for me at least it never gets old.

Small town thrillers. Where everyone knows your name, and your secrets. Whether it’s a cosy or a thriller, the setting gets me every time.

Technology: if a book has a podcast, or a new media like true crime dramas as part of the story line, I am entirely willing to give it a go. It’s a trope/ genre that is getting so much more fascinating.

Nerd celebration: any book that celebrates what it means to love comics, superheroes and anything else like that, I’m there.

Secrets between husbands and wives or close friends: it’s fascinating to see how those characters who know each other the best, really don’t.

And diversity: that’s a trope in any genre, I will never get tired of.

That’s all for now, I think! Do any of these strike your fancy?


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