On a more personal note…

Last week Wednesday my aunt died of cancer.

She is my mother’s sister and the reason my parents chose to come to Australia instead of anywhere else. She has been all the family we have known, we have had in our lives day in and day out for 20+ years and now she’s gone.

She fought hard, and died close to a year after her diagnosis. She never ceased to have a smile for her kids, or her grandkids and through the worst of her treatment.

Cancer is a horrible, ugly effing disease. And a couple of days later, I saw on Twitter that the lovely @RebelMommyBB died of cancer as well. I wish I could say I knew her better, but I didn’t — I did know her cheerful responses on my blog, and saw her presence on Twitter as well — and appreciated them both.

My aunt will be buried this Wednesday. But life has to go on right: work today and scheduled blog posts will be going up and all I can think is I miss my aunt’s smile. She loved life. And I can’t believe she’s not here any more.

So tl;dr: cancer fucking sucks. Also, I am 200% done with 2019.


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