Can’t Wait Wednesday: The Hunted

Can’t Wait Wednesday was once Waiting on Wednesday, but the purpose is the same: for bloggers to highlight what they’re waiting on. This week I am waiting on The Hunted 

So this has just been acquired by Harper Collins Australia, and clicking on this was … I don’t even know why I clicked, but I am glad I did. Bc this is what it’s about according to the article:

Bergmoser’s debut is a visceral and fast-paced novel set on a lonely, deserted highway, deep in the Australian badlands. When the novel opens, Frank just wants a quiet life running his service station on a little-used highway. His granddaughter has been sent to stay with him to fix her attitude, but she and Frank don’t talk a lot. When a badly injured young woman arrives at Frank’s service station with several cars in pursuit, Frank and a handful of unsuspecting customers are thrust into a life-or-death standoff. But who are this group of men and women that will go to any lengths for revenge? And what do they want? Other than no survivors? There is no escape …

The sun beat down on the highway as the lone car drove.

Behind the wheel the girl kept her eyes forward. The clear blue sky, the burning sun, the distant horizon. She didn’t
look over her shoulder, or in the rear-view mirror.

She drove fast, coming right up to the edge of the limit. The landscape, dry and arid and expansive, raced past on
either side. She saw it out of the corner of her eyes but she ignored it, just like she ignored the pain in her leg and the
pounding of her heart. She drove as the sun rose and sank and the pale blue of the sky became splashed with blood
again and the land around her appeared like it was on fire.

It was only then that she looked in the rear-view mirror. The sun beat down on the highway as the lone car drove.

A stand-off in the Australian badlands? And killer atmosphere to book from the sounds of it!


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