Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Movie Freebie

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about.  This week’s topic is a book to movie freebie.

So this list is a mix of books I’d like to see as movies.

The Dark is Rising: My gosh this movie sucked. Sucked so hard, which kills me because I adore this book beyond all good reason. I live in hope one day there’ll be a movie worthy of the goodness in this book.

Much Ado About Nothing: Back when Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson were married this came out and reminded me just how funny Shakespeare was beyond the blasted tragedies. Why doesn’t anyone do a reboot of this?

The Flatshare: I love this book/ I really do, and I want a rom com dammit!

Crimson Lake: This series is brilliant, and the premise is that Ted has been falsely accused of a horrific crime, and he’s innocent. And no one believes him. It’s set in Queensland and the atmosphere in this small town is just sooo good! Also: characterisation is on point AND Amanda. AMANDA. I think though a streaming series of some sort would do justice to this more. I’m going to leave her name with you and make you go read the other reviews in this series: Redemption Point, Gone by Midnight 

The Rumour: This is a deceptive little book that slowly grows and grows into something so much bigger, involving a small village and a rumour of a child killer in their midst.

Ayesha at Last: If I have to live through another Pride and Predjuice retelling for goodness sake, please let someone decide to do this version.

City of Sinners: This is the third in the Harry Virdee series, and it’s as much about a case that he has to solve, but also about his family, and his choice to marry a Muslim woman and go against everything his parents (apparently) taught him. It’s devastating and amazing. Another one that might be better as a series so as to not get a whole lot of characterisation lost in a movie’s timeframe.

Sadie: Another book that devastated me. Like I needed a time out to recover from this. A movie might be 10x worse, but it’d be so worth it.

Killing it: James Bond eat your heart out. Here’s Jane Bond with a baby and humour. Enough said.

Dear Mrs Bird: This is adorable. And quirky and just would make a fabulous movie to get lost in.

Snapshot: Now this one is a short story, but the twist in the ending and this world — where cops live through the snapshots of certain days in order to find their culprits. Except, this particular day, the ending isn’t what our MC, Davis expects. Interestingly, there’s a studio that does have the rights to this, but I think this might work better as a series.

Okay, so this is mostly books I would like to see as movies or a series.


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