The Triangle: Missing planes, mystery and the Bermuda Triangle

The Triangle book review

What is this about:  A group of different individuals investigating a missing ship find themselves in the Bermuda Triangle.

What else is this about?: Strong characterisation and a mystery for the ages


A shipwrecked team of experts must unravel the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, before it kills them all. Since two massive hurricanes hit the Bermuda Triangle region, ships and planes have disappeared, leaving behind a trail of haunting radio transmissions. A covert task force investigates, but finds themselves caught in a third hurricane and shipwrecked on an uncharted island. They discover something shocking there—and not just that they aren’t alone on the island. Can they survive long enough to escape the Triangle and tell the world?
I don’t like shipwreck stories, and the only story on an island that makes sense to me is if there’s you know a city and something that doesn’t turn into a survival of the fittest sort of story. And yethere I am reading The Triangle , the newest serial from Serial Box.

Thank you to Serial Box for letting me read all the chapters for this review.

Characterisation people, it got me good

The characters are a diverse bunch – an NTSB officer, an Admiral, a data retrieval expert, a conspiracy theorist, a coast guard inspector. They are thrown together in a mission to find why so many ships are disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle, and in particular one US Navy ship.

I was impressed at how different authors jumped into each character wholeheartedly and kept them consistent over the chapters. In particular, I think that’s because there’s no fluff here – the authors launch these characters directly into the story, with exquisite pacing that really never lets up, while balancing letting reader in on who these characters are and what they bring to this story.

So what is the story of the island?

Ah, that is a little bit Lost — I watched enough of that show to make that connection. When the team starts finding different people who crashed in the Triangle, from different times, things start to get interesting. There is a little girl who seems to be forever 5 years old, and a pair of brothers lost at sea and a Soviet submarine and soldiers.

The rescue team’s exploration of the island adds another layer of fun to the narrative for you begin to see the worldbuilding within the island and the Bermuda Triangle itself and what these authors have put together.

I was very surprised by this serial and the skill with which these authors pulled these characters and stories together. Brilliant characterisation, worldbuilding and writing that takes you straight to the heart of this story. More please! 


  • Huh, even though this is far from my usual read your description of the characters has me intrigued! Plus the Lost connections although I never finished Lost! ? While I might not read this one myself I know who I’m going to show your review to!

    • Verushka says:

      Aw YAY! I hope the person you show this to gives it a go. It’s not my usual fare either, but the Bermuda triangle angle was one i wanted to try.

  • You piqued my curiosity when you mentioned Lost because that’s one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I really need to check out this whole Serial Box thing because I’ve been seeing so many great reviews for their stories.

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