Top Ten Tuesdays: Places in books I’d like to visit

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic about those places in a book I’d like to visit.

The links go to Goodreads and my own reviews. 

Hogwarts: Oh come on, you had to know this was going to be on this list right?

Also: Diagon Alley. More than Hogwarts if I’m honest.

Paris. Another given. This is me we’re talking about. LOL.

Greece: Without the mayhem and murder of Athenian Blues.

Sin Du Jour: is technically a catering company in Matt Wallace’s series, but I’d totally love to do a internship there for like one day and see all the supernatural goodness that comes with running a catering company for the supernatural.

A road-trip with three seniors who have run away from their nursing home. I’m not even kidding, going on a roadtrip with them sounds like fun!

Serenity! Self explanatory, yes?

New Orleans. Maybe One day!


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