Bumblebee: The real star of the Transformers Franchise

bumblee movie review

I never ever EVER expected to like another Transformers’ movie. Ever. The previous ones I thibk just killed my interest in the franchise entirely and then … Bumblebee happened.

This wasn’t a movie I planned to see, but the other option was Mary Poppins and as much as I love Emily Blunt, that was a no from me.

However, Bumblebee proved to be pleasant surprise.

Charlie is still mourning her father, and trying to fix the corvette they were working on when he died, but she can’t seem to make it run – and is desperate for a car to take her away from her mum’s new husband and happy family with her little brother. They’ve moved on, but she hasn’t.

Enter Bumblebee. Now a yellow Beetle in a car yard for years after a battle that left him with issuesand no voiceCharlie finds him, and gets him to run. (Can I just say I could have done with more Dylan O’Brien as Bumblebee’s voice, because that is a cute combo).

And then Charlie meets Bumblebee and finds out he’s not sure who he is or why he’s on Earth. But the cuteness of their interaction cannot be overstated – she makes Bumblebee warm, easy to empathise with as you get to know this character more than what the other movies have told us.

However, the Decepticons are coming, and Bumblebee, Charlie and Mem, the guy who is crushing hard on Charlie, find themselves trying to save the day. Mem is charming, goofy and a huge nerd. He doesn’t need to run around saving the day, but he is there to be an ally to Charlie, to gaze at this mechanic young girl with adoration because he likes her just as she is. It’s refreshing in a Transformers movie, and again CUTE.

Bumblebee is just adorable – watching him trying to figure out how to hide, or manouevre his way through the house is just hilarious. It proves there’s so much to Transformers beyond blowing shit up, and makes me wonder what we missed in the rest of them.


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