Top Ten Tuesday: Your Favourite Couples in Books

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic is about your favourite couples in books. This is going to be a mix of couples and partnerships I think.

Gone by Midnight: Amanda and Ted

These two are both still standing after spending time in prison for murder, and being falsely accused of being assualting a young girl, respectively. The series charts their relationship, which is mostly Ted being the straight man to Amanda’s … quirkyness. And she is quirky. They’re PIs in a remote spot in Queensland with a small police force that doesn’t trust them and then they start solving cases the cops don’t, so that doesn’t endear them to the cops. In the the most recent book, Gone By Midnight, it’s Amanda that takes centre stage and we get to know more about her, while Ted’s story undergoes a little bit of a reset. They’re an odd couple that genuinely works without trying too hard.

The One

I’m going with the title of this book because this book is about finding the one, which you know is all about couples. So in this world there’s a way of finding your OTP — you have a test and you find out. Except couples break up, and couple get together, but the breaking up part is the one that hurts. In an effort not to spoil anyone reading my review, I didn’t name names or go into details about the couples in the book, so I don’t really remember this couple’s name: but two guys find out that they’re MFEO, but one is married — and then they get together and break up… and things happen and they find their way back to each other against a backdrop of everything about finding your OTP and the test being called into question. They were an oasis in a world focused on finding the one you’re made for, and then that very same thing tearing everything apart.

Erotic stories for Punjabi Widows

Nikki and Kulwinder represent the modern versus the traditional way of thinking in this book. When Nikki takes over a class teaching widows in her community how to read and write, and the erotic stories come out of her teaching that class. But Kulwinder is antagonistic towards Nikki and the classes, and they clash big time. And then you throw in a mystery involving Kulwinder’s daughter and how she was killedthere’s a lot to be said of these two women and the way they represent the traditional and modern of Punjabi women in the UK.

Tannie Maria and her cooking skills — and okay, her boyfriend too

But mostly, it’s Tannie Maria and her cooking skills: Recipes for Love and Murder and The Satanic Mechanic — Tannie Maria is an agony aunt in a small newspaper in the Karoo in South Africa. She doles out advice to her readers and the people around her, but always coupled with the most delicious food. Part of her past was that she was in an abusive marriage, and her cooking skills were her solace and … now help her help others.

Samantha, Michelle, Alex and her Dale

Samantha Brinkman is the main character in a legal thriller series by Marcia Clark, and Michelle, Alex and Dale are her team — well the first two are, and Dale is the dad she’s just now getting to know. He’s a cop and she’s a defense attorney so as you can imagine that’s interesting. But Sam is the kind of character that’s always on when it comes to the world around her, but with Michelle and Alex, she’s vulnerable and she lets her guard down. Michelle knows her inside and out, and Alex kind of wants to be her in some ways, and the threesome kind of all mesh well, which makes for a brilliant legal thriller read.

Tell the Truth, the Shame the Devil: Bish and Noor 

Bish is a cop trying to find a young girl who is accused of setting a bomb on a bus. Noor is the young girl’s grandmother, who is in prison for a different bombing years prior. And yet these two understand each other, get to know each other and begin to see each other differently in what has to be the sweetest and bittersweet romance borne out of shared awful experiences.

Streets of Darkness; Harry and Saima

Harry Virdee is a cop in Bradford. He comes from a strict family, who disowned him when he married Saima, a Muslim nurse. The series takes the idea of brown on brown racism and carefully grows it over the three books now so that readers can see the good and bad of what Harry and Saima are going through. But never doubt how much they love each other.

My Sister the Serial Killer: Korede and Ayoola

They might be the most dysfunctional sisters ever — Ayoola is a serial killer and Korede is her older sister who is always (literally) cleaning up after her murders. And then Ayoola sets her sights on a doctor Korede likes herself… and well, decisions have to be made.

That’s it for me! Who are your favourite couples?


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