Top Ten Tuesday: Upcoming books I’m on the fence about

If you’re new to my blog,  welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. It’s held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic is about upcoming releases I’m on the fence about — but it’s also about those authors that released new books that brought me back as fans, and some I will be more careful about reading, but am having an open mind about. And this is all a combination of books and authors for me.

The Tracy Crosswhite series: I actually love the idea of Tracy and who she can be, but there was also much in the first book I didn’t like. Sighs.

Timothy Blake series: I actually really did like the first one, but … Timothy is also a cannibal and now that I know… yeah. I had to read certain parts of the first one reallllly quickly.

The Lost Man: Brought me back as a Jane Harper Fan. The second Aaron Falk one really did no work for me and I was frustrated given how much I adored the first.

It Takes One: Keeping an open mind about this one. The first had aspects that annoyed me immesnely, but characterisation was wonderful.

Girl on the Page: Probably going to be cautious about this author in the future. As great as the blurb was, this book did not work for me. At all.

The city of lost fortunes: I loved this read, but there was so many pacing issues and there were moments I was just so bored.

The Guardian: Gosh, is Bianca kick ass and all sorts of brilliant… but the book then undercut all of that in one swoop. WHY WHY WHY

The Good Daughter: I very expected great things from this book and this author, but this was not good, people, not good. Which makes me very cautious about this author.

Bring Me BAck: Another author I expected great things and … yeah, that didn’t work out for me. Frustrating.

So much potential goodness, and so not what I expected in the end.


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