Top Ten Tuesday: These are the books I would like to see movies of

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic is actually about your Winter TBR but since I’ve had my fill of the same books and the same titles being remade into movies, my list is about new titles that need to be made into movies.

Here’s my list

The Lost Man by Jane Harper

It was announced recently that Harper’s The Dry, which introduced people to her writing and Aaron Falk will be made into a movie starring Eric Bana as Aaron Falk. I maintain, I can’t stand the second in this series, but The Dry was utterly riveting. And which no, this is actually about The Lost Man.

I think it is far more an emotionally complex book than The Dry. The focus on family relationships in the outback, and the lies different members tell themselves… whew. This needs to be next for the movie treatment.

My Sister, the Serial Killer 

Two sisters orbit around each other in this story, with Korede always out to protect her sister Ayoola  even as she tends to kill all her boyfriends. It’s a character exploration of them both as Ayoola chooses a man Korede likes as her next boyfriend, er victim.

Murder Bag or the entire Max Wolfe series 

This is one of the most restrained series I’ve read, and I am not sure a movie could do it justice. A series maybe… like Luther? The crimes themselves are complex and intense, and all the while Max’s determination to be a good father hovers in the background.

My Sister Rosa 

That time a 10-year-old kid was the pyscho her bigger brother had to protect the world from. There are no easy answers to be had here. Not sure if that makes it better or worse for a movie treatment.

When Michael met Mina 

This is Australian YA with a young Australian boy falling in love with a young girl who is an refugee. Did I mention his parents are anti-refugees? This is the story of story that needs to be flung up onto any screen to reach all kids and adults for that matter.

Streets of Darkness and Girl Zero

Another Brit Crime series that need something like the Luther treatment, but absolutely SHOULD be up on a screen. It’s the story of Harry, a cop married to a Muslim woman, who was disowned by his parents, but still stayed in touch with his older brother, who happens to be the crime kingpin in Bradford, where this is set. That this is excellent reading is an understatement.


I will be a blubbering mess by the end — I was with this book, but god. What a story this would be to see.

Perfect ten

The kind of revenge story you want every slimy douche to get.

Killing it

Because we absolutely need to see a Jane Bond Mum kick ass, take names and save the world. Also, not miss feeding time.


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