Top Ten Tuesday: Book to Movie adaptations I never want to see again

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic is a Thanksgiving freebie and I decided to do a list of some of the book to movie adaptations I never want to see again.

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those who celebrate, while I am waiting to give thanks for the day Hollywood throwing money at the same old book to movie adaptations:

Little Women: How many times does this need to get re-made? I don’t mind the story, I don’t even mind the films, but seriously, there’s not another movie out there that you stick these actresses in? Something contemporary, reflecting what women are going through now? Featuring girls of colour and what they go through? Really, Hollywood? REALLY?

Anne of Green Gables: Again, another story set in the past, about a girl going through something that could very easily been reflective of contemporary society. *rolls eyes*

Pride and Prejudice: I genuinely never want to see this again. And I love the story and the BBC version. How about a book to move adaptation of Pride instead?

Romeo and Juliet: Another I never want to see again, unless something genuinely diverse and interesting is done with it. Spoiler alert: they both die. That’s never going to change, which makes this ultimately just depressing.

Macbeth: Ditto to the above. And also death. (But there’s an upcoming movie called Ophelia with Daisy Ridley in an awful wig I like)

The Great Gatsby: I don’t think I can truly express my dislike for this stupid book and all of it’s movie adaptations.

That’s it. And yes, this is brought to you with the frustration and hard eye-rolling at yet another Little Women adaptation.


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