Can’t Wait Wednesday: Ten Thousand Rivers

Can't Wait Wednesday

Can’t Wait Wednesday was once Waiting on Wednesday, but the purpose is the same: for bloggers to highlight what they’re waiting on. This week I am waiting on: Ten Thousand Rivers 


Cover to be inserted in 2020 😉



Set in Korea in the 1800s, where a sixteen-year-old indentured to the police bureau takes a murder investigation into her own hands, delving deep into a restless city swirling with intrigue and secrets, where honor often comes before justice.

So I actually got a heads up from Twitter and @ktienh  who pointed me towards the author’s announcement right over here. And personally, all I needed to read was: a female Sherlock Holmes in Joseon Dynasty-era Korea rather than the actual blurb to want this desperately. The Downside? I have to wait to 2020 for it. SOBS.


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