Perfect Ten: Revenge should always be this sweet a read

Perfect ten book review

What is this about?: Caroline is estranged from her cheating bastard of a husband Jack — he’s the kind of slimy that sleeps around, scores his conquests and makes sure Caroline thinks it’s all her fault. Her manipulates her into losing her kids as well. Then, just when she’s hit rock bottom, she mistakenly receives his luggage from a flight, including a bag that contains all his personal papers, and a journal and scoresheet of all his conquests. Then, thanks to social media Caroline begins to get her revenge…

What else is this about?: Caroline taking control of her story and of herself. It might be through revenge, but seriously, I am #teamcaro all the way.


An explosive debut thriller about one woman’s search for revenge – and the dangerous chain of events she sets in motion…

Caroline Atkinson is powerless and angry. She has lost more than most – her marriage, her reputation, even her children. Then one day, she receives an unusual delivery: lost luggage belonging to the very man who is responsible, her estranged husband Jack.

In a leather holdall, Caroline unearths a dark secret, one that finally confirms her worst suspicions. Jack has kept a detailed diary of all his affairs; every name, every meeting, every lie is recorded. He even marks the women out of ten.

Caroline decides it’s time to even the score. She will make this man pay, even if it means risking everything…

Stars: 4/5

Perfect Ten is a glorious read.

When it opens, Caroline is a wreck. She has lost her kids to an asshole of a husband, who is the kind of slimy that makes your skin crawl. She has a new job, because one of the consequences of the breakdown of her marriage is that Jack ruined her reputation at her previous job. Still, she’s well off enough to be a compulsive late-night shopper because she has nothing else to spend her money on. She’s a heavy drinker too, and prone to picking up married men, sleeping with them and then stealing something of their’s.

And then Jack’s lost luggage gets delivered to her (their old) address because he couldn’t be bothered changing the tags. Along with the suitcases they took on their honeymoon, is a leather holdall with personal papers in it, including a journal of all his conquests, and his scores of them in bed.

See, slimy.

Caroline sees red. But, she sees red in the way that makes her set up a fake Facebook profile and start posting the sexually explicit photos Jack took of his trysts that were with his bag.

Caroline knows that Jack will suspect her, and takes steps to protect herself. Slowly readers can see her intelligence, and the reason she’s so successful at work — Caroline is intelligent, but emotionally, Jack took advantage of her until she didn’t know what to think.

It’s compelling reading see Caroline start to take her revenge. Granted, this is a revenge fantasy of sorts, and things might be exaggerated, but every bit of Caroline’s reactions are relatable, even as she has doubts of the revenge she takes on the women who slept Jack, as much as she is on Jack. Social media is used to great effect here, in ways that are familiar — granted, in reality, posting intimate pics (revenge porn) never quite works out like this. Like I said, everything is exaggerated in this book.

The police get involved, who Caroline manipulates and uses to her advantage where she can. But, as her revenge plan progresses, sanity perhaps begins to settle over Caroline and she begins to take stock of what she’s doing and the women she’s taking revenge on.

One of the best things about this book is that the author keeps the pacing in the book relentless, and sweeps readers into Caroline’s world and her plan. Sure, things might seem implausible, but it’s one of those books that will make you leave your expectations to one side as you read about Caroline taking control of her life again.

I also need to add — Caroline doesn’t go through this book without consequences, and without being scared about things that happen in the book. Her plan isn’t flawless, and neither is she, but that whats makes this all the more compelling.

The ending is extremely gratifying for many reasons, none of which I can say here because spoilers!


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