Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems that need more love!

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic is about those hidden gems that need more love.

I am going to mix this up by going for the types of books that need more love, so bear with me. Granted I may just not be aware of them getting all this amazing love marketing wise, but *shrugs* this is the stuff I just don’t see enough of.

Cozy mysteries in Australia or Australian cozy mysteries: we really, genuinely do not get enough publicity for this genre, or specific books for that matter. I’ve read one and know of one series and that’s it. Granted I’ve only been a recent convert to the genre myself so I’ve probably missed a whole heap, but yeah, this genre needs more love.

True crime: This one is kind of weirding me out, because recently we’ve had this show come out of nowhere on one of the shittier Australian channels about true crime stories within Australia, and there are heaps of podcasts about, but not so much in terms of books. Or again, I’m late to the party and I just haven’t seen enough. I do plan to listen to an audiobook of a court reporter’s experiences in Australia, so that I am looking forward to.

YA: I don’t think Australian YA gets enough mainstream love. And if I have to read one more: Why adults read YA …. honestly.

Audiobooks: Look, Audible Australia’s lack of range shits me no end. Given it took them months to respond to my email querying when certain diverse authors would be included in their library here, I think I can confidently say it’s not going to change any time soon. And no amount of Michael Bolton ads is going to change the fact that the libraries they have here suck.

Diverse crime authors: I’ve discovered a heap of crime authors that are Asian, Greek, Indian or South African. The problem is getting access to them — whether they aren’t available on Audible and they don’t seem inclined to change that, or they’re shelved in a odd spot in a bookstore that you would never look at for a crime book, they need to be out to the public more. It is so frustrating to want to be a diverse reader in a genre I adore, but it seems like only lit fiction is the one that gets the push into the public domain here. Why is genre such a dirty word?


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