Liar Liar: Harriet Blue is out for revenge and nothing will stand in her way

Liar Liar book review

What is this about?: A chase, the chase of Harriet Blue’s life as she throws all caution and her career away in her hunt for the man that killed her brother.

What else is this about?: What makes someone evil? What makes someone succumb to the darkness in them? That’s the question Harry needs to answer if she’s to survive Regan Black


Revenge is coming, and her name is Harriet Blue . . .

Detective Harriet Blue is clear about two things. Regan Banks deserves to die. And she’ll be the one to pull the trigger.

But Regan – the Georges River Killer and the man responsible for destroying her brother’s life – has gone to ground. And now Harriet needs to disappear too – before her colleagues stop her carrying out an act that could end her career, her freedom, even her life.

Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s him. Regan. And he wants to play ‘catch me if you can’.

Within hours Harry is following his clues along a path of devastation down the Australian south coast. Town by town, Regan is taking lives, and each one is someone she knows well.

With both of them wanted on every newspaper and every television screen, time is running out. Harry needs to stop this killing machine fast before her chance for vengeance slips away . . .

Stars: 4/5

When last we left Harriet Blue, her brother, Sam, was dead and the real Georges River killer, and Regan, the man who framed Sam was on the run. 

Now, in Liar Liar,  so is Harry. She is hunting Regan, determined to kill him for what he did to Sam, while there’s a task force hunting her, determined to bring her in. There is one small consolation in that her partner Whitt, and her mentor and commander Pops, are trying to help her, trying to figure out where Regan is going next.

But here’s the thing: Regan is calling her and telling her exactly where he’s going next. 

And Harry knows she’s walking into his traps, but she can’t not, because he killed Sam, and all she has left is her revenge.

Harry and Regan

Regan is a psychopath, one that latched on to Sam years ago, and without Sam, latches on to Harry. He calls her, tells her he wants to unravel her, much like Sam putting him in prison did — stripped him down to his core and forced him to admit who he was to himself.

He sees a kinship in Harry, and to her horror, she begins to wonder if he might be right — that at her core she might be as cold and ruthless as he is. 

That’s the question she’s faced with as he begins to hunt down her past, finding the people in her professional and personal life that meant something to her so he can taken them from her. She is always one step behind, one step to not being good enough and as she chases him across Sydney, her frustration grows as does her concern for who he might be after next.

Whitt and Pops

As much as the book focuses on Harry and Regan, we’re given insight into Pops and Whitt too as they navigate the political minefield of a taskforce that on some level has already determined Harry is guilty.

Pops cuts a swathe through the bullshit, putting his career at risk in an effort to keep Harry safe, while Whitt is out in the field trying to be the first one to find Harry, and not some trigger happy minion.

They never doubt her, instead all they have is concern for her safety after she gets through this. But what they forget is that they too are in danger, and no necessarily from Regan. 

If anything Liar Liar is more fast paced than the previous ones in this series, but every word, every chapter matters. I found myself turning pages faster and faster as the book progressed, eating up these words in an effort to find out what happens to Harry.

The book succeeds in unravelling Harry, though because of, and not because of Regan at the same time. I think it’s her love for her brother that unravelled her, that stripped her back to her most basic because I’m not entirely sure she knows who she is if she’s not Sam’s sister. The series has made it clear how much they mean to each other, how much they rely on each other, so I think taking him away is the worst thing that could happen to her.

There’s a cliffhanger of course, but not one that I expected in the least. Candice Fox and James Patterson are taking Harry into uncharted territory… or maybe, this is the end for Harriet Blue. Who knows? All I can is for sure, I am thoroughly satisfied with this ending for Harry.


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