Top Ten Tuesday: Book Series I will never give up on…

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week the topic is actually about those series we’ve given up on, but I maintain that I haven’t given up on these just yet. 

Matt Wallace’s Sin Du Jour series: is a delectable, funny and snarky series about a catering company for the supernaturals in New York. It’s got some seriously gorgeous worldbuilding to boot.

Secret Histories by Simon R Green: With a final book in the series called Nightfall, which sets the characters of this series against the characters of his Nightside series (which I adored and was heartbroken when it ended) I am ready for the ending of this series. (Also #teamNightside!)

Iron Druid series: I found this series when I had given up on Harry Dresden, and was heartbroken to find out that Kevin Hearne, the author only planned nine (I know only right!) Atticus and Oberon made urban fantasy fun again for me, and I will never give up on them.

Incryptid series: Seanan McGuire genuinely astounds me with how much she writes and how varied her writing is. I never thought I would fall in love with a ballroom dancing protector of Incrytpids, but I did.

Rebel of the Sands: SOBS. A stellar beginning but I couldn’t quite get back into it.

Wolf by Wolf series: This book by Ryan Graudin came onto my radar unexpectedly and I was blown away by it. But I also found it dark in the sense of the timeline – an alternate WW2.

SpellSlinger series: magic and the wild, wild west. Sort of. Innovative worldbuilding, but I need more time in my life. And self control, of which I have none when it comes to choosing books: ooh shiny is the extent of my self control and then I’m off forgetting I need to finish a gem of a series like this one.

Bit of a trend isn’t there? ??‍♀️

And that’s it! What series have you given up on? Or no?


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