Top Ten Tuesday: Books that take place in another country

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

So Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week’s post is about those books that take place in another country, and I am sooo excited about this one!

Children of Blood and Bone

A fictional country to be sure, but with the African influences you may recognise. In addition to some wonderful characterisation, the book follows our three MCs as they go on a journey through the land, giving Tomi Adyemi plent of time to do some pretty damned exquisite worldbuilding.

The Little Paris Bookshop

I absolutely admit,  that if there’s Paris in the title, or a possible location, I will be all over the book! This is the story about the power of books, a love letter and a lovelorn bookseller on his way to finding out the truth about the woman he once loved.

With Malice

This is set in Italy can be summed up thusly: you will no tknow what to believe by the end. Cook weaves a talke about a holiday romance and a friendship that is destroyed.

Streets of Darkness 

Set in Bradford in the UK, this is a story of Harry and his family, who has disowned him for marrying a Muslim woman. AA Dhand has written a story of a family in a city where they’ve always been and have so many ties to.

Poison City

An urban fantasy, about cops and supernatural cops fighting the good fight in South Africa. I will always count this as one of the best worldbuilding I’ve read.


Pop culture references and an X-Men team in India. Brilliant!

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Set in the UK, in a Punjabi community, this book celebrates women — be they widows or young women — these women, love, experience loss and put up with a bunch of requirements of Punjabi widows. Some believe in their faith, and have no issues with it, but others want more for themselves. The relationship between the faith you grow up with and the place you live in clashes, but the author shows this meshing of the two can work.

Reciepes for Love and Murder

This is the first of a series involving Tannie Maria, a woman in a small town in the Karoo in South Africa. She happens to be an agony aunt for the local newspaper and a damned good detective. Andrew writing uses food to explore Maria’s past, the domestic violence she experienced and what it means for her to move forward. The Karoo as much as her food are described to evocatively in this!

The Pretty Delicious Cafe

A sweet, sweet romance and story of friendship between two complex women set in New Zealand.

The Zanzibar Wife

This is the story of three women in Oman, each at a different crossroads in their life as they tour the city. Gloriosu female characterisation.


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