Top Ten Tuesday: Books I could re-read forever

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week’s post is about the books you could re-read forever

So I took this a bit differently and compiled a list of books that I have re-read and relied on as a good, comfortable read through the years.


Greg over at Greg’s Book Haven is re-reading these and posting reviews about them so I had to put it on my list because as I’ve posted on his blog time and time again, his reviews have me feeling nostalgic. I found these thanks to my Dad while we lived in South Africa and he and Mum took us to the library every couple of weeks and he used to borrow them for himself.

Asterix and Obelix

These guys are another pairing that my father introduced me to, and they were utterly different from Tintin and funny and I loved them for how different they were.

Hardy Boys

Frank and Joe Hardy — I can’t even remember how I found them, but I fell into this series and returned to them constantly.

Nancy Drew

All of them, I’m not even kidding. I found the Hardy Boys first and then Nancy and I suspect they, along with the next one, started my love for mysteries.

The Three Investigators

Jupiter. I remember him most of all because he was the know-it-all and he was good at it, but he had his friends around him and together, they proved to be utterly compelling and also solving mysteries. Also, Enid Blyton. Total fangirl.


Yes, this is actually by Dean Koontz. I read this around the time he was growing bigger and bigger, and honestly, I tried it because he was compared to Stephen King, but wasn’t as much horror as he was. And it had a remarkably romantic and original plot I thought: Laura finds herself being rescued and guided through her life by a mysterious guardian, who actually turns out to be a time traveller from Hitler’s Germany, because yes, they discovered time travel and wanted to change the outcome of World War II. But Stefan, our time traveller fell in love with Laura and her writing and guided her to her husband, with whom she had a son and made sure she had as happy a life as he could give her. However his superior grows suspicious of him, and comes after Laura, and in all this he and Laura have to ensure that Hitler does not win the war. It’s bloody epic, but also so intimate and I utterly love it. LOVE.

The Price of the Phoenix

This was written way back in 1977 and is one of the titles I found entirely by accident in a second hand bookstore when I searching what seemed to be every Star Trek book in existence — don’t laugh, it was a thing and it still is! And in this one, Kirk is presumed dead and, then there’s a clone of Kirk, and, Romulans and then original Kirk isn’t dead after all and all through it is the thread of friendship between Spock and Kirk. And I LOVE IT. I love it still.

The Dark is Rising series

This series. Every chance I get I will list it and talk abotu it and I am sure I’ve posted about it on other blogs when asked about my most favourite book. This series is based in England and involves Will Stanton, a young boy, who finds himself a member of the Light, that group fighting against the Dark, and who then finds himself working with a bunch of siblings through the five books. Just thinking about it makes me smile. It’s a simple story but I just fell in love with it.

I’m going to stop here I think. This TTT is such a glorious rememberance of all the books I love!


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