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Parisian Charm School book review

What is this about?: My deep love for all things French and Paris!

What is this REALLY about?: Letting yourself go and allowing yourself to think differently about things: about reading and men and even flirting. I suspect you know all this anyway, but there’s a charm to Jamie Cat Callan’s writing that makes you reconsider these things that you may have once thought had no place in your hectic life.


Discover what French women know about embracing that irresistible joie de vivre

We all know that French women don’t get fat. But their famous je ne sais quoi comes from more than just body type–something anyone can master: the old-fashioned art cultivating our inner beauty, confidence, and unique personal style, at any age.

From savoring the everyday beauty around you to engaging in captivating conversations, playing dress-up, hosting impromptu dinner parties under the stars, and of course mastering the art of French flirting, the lively and inspiring lessons in this “syllabus” will help you rediscover your beautiful, fierce, romantic, engaging best self–to attract the best of everything into your life.

Ready to embark on the adventure of your life? Parisian Charm School is in session….

Stars: 3/5

When I started reading Parisian Charm School, I didn’t quite expect a guide to things I thought I’d already knew – and yes, it says it right there in the blurb, but I have these blinders when it comes to things with Paris in the title.

And yes, I got irritated when I started reading. This is a book that tells you about how Callan discovered how French women flirt, and fall in love. Or to be more exact, get men to fall in love with them. Which you know, thanks very much – I got that.

I also wanted to point out to her that she doesn’t mention money, time, children and mortgages in her book…

But I kept reading and here’s the thing: it’s all in Callan’s delivery.

There’s no lecturing here, and instead we have a woman who has explored what she’s writing, and indeed, writes about her experiences, but what she does is remind women that all those things they have probably already thought about: picking a signature colour, enjoying what you wear and here’s a good one – sharing your intellect with a man, and challenging him ….

Alright, look that sounds condescending, but Callan delivers it in a much more charming way. She’s encouraging you to think about your life differently — to think about the things you think you can’t do differently. Going to a lecture which doesn’t cost money, for instance. And shopping in a second hand store isn’t going to cost as much as shopping in a boutique.

I think the best way to put this is like this: this is a book that’s a reminder that you should allow yourselves to do the things you’re always putting off. And god knows, haven’t we all put off things time and time again for whatever reason?


  • Angela says:

    Interesting! I love all things French/Paris, and French women do seem to have an ease about them that I certainly do not!

  • I do like the idea of going for things you want and not pushing them off. I’m glad you enjoyed this overall. It sounds like the author has a good writing style. I do like things that feature Paris or just France in general. It’s somewhere I’d LOVE to visit.


    • Verushka says:

      You should! It’s a gorgeous city — and omg go in summer so you can spend long days and nights walking the city and enjoying it #dreamholiday!

  • I really like books about or involving France or anything French, because it’s my neighbouring country. 😀

  • I would have picked this one up just for the mention of Paris too, lol. It does sound pretty interesting though. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded to go out and do those things that we always put on the back burner.

    • Verushka says:

      Yeah, I thought so too. We get so caught up in life, and its easy to dismiss something as too hard within the hurry of every day life… but we really ought not to. I admit, I had to mull this book over and what it meant to me after reading it, but yeah, that’s where I ended up.

  • What an unusual review 🙂 in the end a positive one, though? 😀 I feel like I’d start feeling bad about myself, reading something like that, though.

  • Kelly says:

    This sounds like a delightfully fun read Verushka, even if a little predictable and captain obvious. I love Paris and the Parisian culture and artisty and I’m hoping it explores that a little too. It sounds like a lovely little pick me up read and anything that can promote confidence in women should be celebrated. Beautiful review Verushka darling <3 <3

  • AngelErin says:

    I love the cover for this one. I don’t think this is a book for me, but it does sound like an interesting one. I do want to go to Paris though. :o)

  • This one sounds fun and I think I need to add it! I tried – French Children Don’t Throw Food a couple of years ago and loved that one – and this sounds kind of similar in that it just challenges the way you think?

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