Top Ten Tuesday: I can’t believe I read that!

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top Ten Tuesday is held over at That Artsy Reader Girl, where every week bloggers list their top 10 being asked about. This week’s post is about the Top 10 books I can’t believe I read…. which should be interesting, to say the least.

I’m including on this list books that are out of favourite genres, books that I liked and books that I didn’t because they all seem to encompass some element of: I can’t believe I read that!


This book focuses on Judith, a con woman who has no f**ks to give in her pursuit of money. I actually did like Judith, but there were other elements of the book that drove me crazy.


This was me being somewhat morbidly curious about a book from the point of view of a baby, in the womb who happens to be a Nazi. But there’s so much more to the story than just that.

People Who Knew Me

I wanted to like this, and there were parts that I did enjoy. But the sheer cowardice of the main character, in the hands of an author that wasn’t quite good enough to pull it off, made for a frustrating read. I think I wanted the author, as in most of the books I didn’t like, but continued to read to rescue the book somehow but in this case it never happened.

The Wonder

This is by Emma Donoghue and after Room, and not reading it, I wanted to give this a go. Big mistake. Boring slog of a read.

Everywhere I Look

This is by Helen Garner, who is one of the best Australian authors around currently. But, her usual wheelhouse is true crime, or this one is at least. I like the crime genre, but true crime is something I rarely if ever delve into. This is a collection of short stories through her career, some of which touches on her dealing with true crime stories that happened in Australia, and like this House of Grief,  it is confronting and hard to take in, but I wanted to finish it too.

The Woman Who Fooled the World 

This the story of Belle Gibson, a health and wellness blogger who built an empire on instagram and social media to the point that Apple had her come over to their US HQ to work on the app for her book, and Penguin gave her a lucrative book deal.  She claimed her health and wellness life helped her fight cancer. For real. Until two journalists came along and exposed her lies, and her empire came tumbling down. I watched her on 60 Minutes, and marvelled at how she had no remorse for what she did and the people she conned.

The Widow 

All hype, no substance. Pft.

Black Widow: Forever Red

I wanted to like this so much, and by God if Marvel wasn’t going to give us a Black Widow movie, I was ready to enjoy this. And it was terrible. Minimal Widow, who was really an excuse to bring in some YA characters and have it be a YA book.

Going to stop here, but there you go. My list of I can’t believe I read that in different ways.


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