Top 10 Tuesday: Books I really liked but can’t remember anything much about

Top Ten Tuesday book meme

Top 10 Tuesday is now held over at The Artsy Reader Girl, and for this week the topic of discussion is: the top 10 books I really liked but can’t remember much about.

I thought this might be a tough one, but really, I read so much, I think it was bound to happen. This tag did remind me of some authors I should probably return to.

Interview with a Vampire

I remember the movie, and I remember writing a book review for this in high school where I raved about it. But I don’t remember the details of the book at all. Not sure if I ever want to return to this series though.

Anno Dracula

My interview with Brad Abraham, author of Magicians Impossible is being posted on Thursday (review Wednesday), and in he mentioned that he’s re-reading this book. I did like this, and I wrote a review about it, but the details of it I cannot recall at all.


Another I reviewed but can’t recall. I do recall that the second in the series was an utter dissappointment though.

13 Minutes

But I do recall the twist in the tale of this, but not much else of what made this work.

Rebel of the Sands

LOVED, but yes, the details (sadly escape me)

Fatal Shadows 

A good read and beginning to a series I thought …

The Bookseller

Set in Paris, which I recalled, but not the mystery part. Still one series I’d like to revisit.

State of Grace

YA, autism and romance

The Amateurs

Do recall the premise though, but the details escape me.

The Long Way Down

Urban fantasy in Las Vegas — that’s why I picked this up!


That’s it! What’s your list look like? 



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