#5Books: Book recs and okay, has the Xmas crazy started where you are?

#5Books book recs for the week ending 17 Dec

With Christmas like a week away now, do you feel a change in the air? Like the crazy intenseness of getting last minute things has settled on everyone and everything and everyone is busier, and snappier — as in snapping at everyone else?

That’s why I stick on my earphones and try to avoid crowds. And trying valiantly not to develop road rage when I go to the mall and have to find parking.

This would be why I love online shopping, heh.

So here’s to everyone out there who is rushing around, getting the last of your Christmas stuff done, and braving the Christmas crowds!

In other news, I’m going to start my book recs this week with something that is a wee bit older, as in a month old:


This novel reminds me of Now You See Me for some reason. Yes, I know it’s a movie and this is a book, but my mind went there. So Mark Goodson disappears during a magic act, and afterward a shitload of weird things happen. And Elko Wells (where did this name come from?) is tasked with finding out what the hell is going on. But here’s where it gets interesting — Elko hears voices. After a a career in football and with injuries that come from it, he hears voices and discerns patterns in things. Oh, and lest I forget, he owns a missing persons agency, which his special talents will come in handy for such investigations — AND a celebrity lookalike agency, because that’s how this book rolls. So how does this all come together? Not the first clue, because this is one of those blurbs that got me good. Nods.

Best Friends Forever*

Alice and Kat are BFFs who share everything, including the fact that Howard, Kat’s husband, is a drunk and a bully…. and then he turns up dead. But here’s where it gets juicy: why won’t Kat answer Alice’s calls or texts? Why is Alice being prevented — by Kat’s family no less — from visiting Kat? And why do the police think Alice killed Howard?

You know how best friends will help you hide the body? That’s true right up until they need you to take the fall for the body (it seems — there’s twist looming here that had better be good)

My Sister, the Serial Killer 

So this is currently listed on Goodreads as Thicker than Water, with a blurb that is just as skimpy as the info I got when I saw this mentioned in a para in a newsletter. From both spots, I think this is about Korede and Ayoola, two sisters in Nigeria. Korede is in love with Tade, but he in turns is more interested in Ayoola…. who you guessed it, is a serial killer — specifically of Korede’s boyfriends. Or maybe, the men she is interested in? Either way, I think this is definitely one to look out for! How deliciously twisted does this relationship sound like?

The Truth Beneath the Lies

So… I’m not entirely sure what this is about. It was the cover that caught my eye first, and then the blurb, vagueness and all got me: this is about Kayla and Betsy.

Kayla wants to leave her world of poverty and desperation behind. And Betsy wants to survive — because someone has her in her sights by all accounts in this blurb: Because she has a burner phone, she’s being watched, and she’s just grateful she’s still alive. So how do the paths of these two very different girls cross? And why is it that only one will survive?

The Favorite Sister*

I feel I must be the last person still have to read Luckiest Girl Alive, and here is Jessica Knoll with her second book. And this is a book about 5 women in one reality TV show — Goal Diggers.

Brett and Kelly are sisters — Brett is the fan fave of the show, and Kelly, a recent addition to the show is in her shadow. AND what secret is she hiding with Brett?

Brett is best friends with Stephanie, the first black cast member and successful author — but why is there a rift between her and Brett?

Lauren is a recovering alcoholic, and is the underdog on the show, making her way back and recovering from her alcoholism.

And Jen, is a successful, multi-millionaire vegan hippie, and ruthless when the cameras are off.

This is a book about successful women, what it takes to succeed in life, and about the pressures of staying young and relevant and a product the public will want. Because reality sells. 

A reality tv show, with characters with secrets to hide, and a commentary about the crap women have to go through — ambitious right!? Do you think Knoll can putt it off? 

2018 isn’t here yet, and already I feel like my TBR is out of control. Maybe I should have a yearly TBR? Or something like that? LOL

(* Anyone else think cover look very similar?)


  • Silvia says:

    Haha, my post today is right about the Christmas craziness and how I LOVE the fact I don’t have to deal with it 😛 Seriously excited for Christmas, though!

    As for the covers, yes, I think so too. I noticed publishers seems to have adopted this kind of system especially to recognise a genre at first sight. Personally, I like to vary, it also makes the books stand better and have their own soul, if that makes sense to you.

    • Verushka says:

      You were on fire with your Christmas prep! ME, I’m still buying things and thinking up of how to explain why they’re so late ACK. The covers thing irritates me. I feel like publishing companies sometimes don’t give readers enough credit. OR any.

  • Haha! I avoid crowds at all costs! I did all of my shopping online one store which doesn’t have online shopping. People can be so snippy and rude this time of year. Ugh… It’s suppose to be a happy time. Best Friends Forever is absolutely Amazing!!! Those two covers do have some similarities. Hmmmmm. Great rec’s!

  • Angela says:

    I haven’t read Luckiest Girl Alive yet, either! The Favorite Sister sounds like an interesting read, I love the reality tv aspect!

  • My TBR is out of control right there with yours – and this feature is half of the reason why! I love the idea of the serial killer sister and I just added Abracadabra to my wishlist. I’ll admit it sounds like there is a whole lot going on in that one but it all sounds fun.

    Holidays are driving me a tad crazy this year. Earphones might just be the solution I am needing. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

  • This week certainly feels very crazy with last minute things to do before Christmas. I haven’t read Luckiest Girl Alive but The Favorite Sister sounds so good.

  • Thanks for sharing all of these; I’d only seen a few. The one about the sister being a serial killer has me intrigued.

  • Oh yes, the Christmas crazies are in full swing here! I’m glad I’m nearly done so I don’t have to deal with too much of it.

    My Sister, the Serial Killer? Man, I would read that one for the title alone. Love it!

  • Helena @ The Life of a Booknerd Addict says:

    Ugh! I hate crowds! I have anxiety and too many people freak me out as it is, so I stay home and shop online. (Seriously, thank god for the internet)?
    I haven’t read Luckiest Girl Alive either, hope that helps.? I am intrigued by her next novel, The Favorite Sister.

    -Helena ?xoxo

  • Lily says:

    I think Best Friends Forever and The Favorite Sister look good XD and kind of chilling

  • Oh you have me curious about Abracadabra and My Sister, The Serial Killer! Happy Holidays!!

  • I stop going to the shops by December 1st and venture out again in January to avoid all the madness!

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