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#5Books for the week ending 10 December

Australia bloody legalised same-sex marriage. 

I’m amazed it happened so far after a postal vote to gage how people felt across Australia about same-sex marriage — even though yes, the government kind of knew that we wanted it, and the a former conservative Prime Minister who thought up that stupid thing up did so to delay dealing with it (I think). He’s also got a sister who is a lesbian and worked hard for same-sex marriage to be legal, while he worked against it — I cannot even fathom family dinners in that house.

BUT. I digress. It happened! WHEEEEEE.

(there’d better be a bloody rainbow on the Sydney Harbor Bridge for New Year’s Eve)

Anyway, Australian politics aside, this has been what’s been happening on in my neck of the woods:

The Good Samaritan

Be prepared to be creeped out: Laura works at a suicide line, where she tends to convince people to kill themselves rather than live. Then Ryan calls her after the suicide of his pregnant wife with another man and is driving himself crazy trying to find out why she did what she did. Did Laura convince them to do it? I think there was a Criminal Minds story like this? Still creeped out.

Two Girls Down

Female bounty hunter, anyone? Alice Vega is a bounty hunter asked to find two young sisters by a very desperate mother in a small town. Cue the police there not giving her the time of day and her asking an ex-cop for his help. Alright, this is a fairly straightforward blurb, but I am totally enamoured with the idea of a female bounty hunter. Also, why is a bounty hunter looking for missing girls? Is that what they usually do? Isn’t it PIs that investigates cases like this?!

Murder in the Manuscript Room 

I put this one here for one very simple reason: it’s a murder mystery in a library; NYC’s 42nd street library to be exact. Has anyone been there? (Also it’s book 2, but this seems to be very self-contained stories — I hope!)

The Killer on the Wall

Twenty years ago Isla Bell found three bodies on Hadrian’s Wall and everyone knew who killed them. Everyone knew who they were. Now, she’s a forensic psychologist, studying the brains of serial killers. And then more bodies start appearing on the wall… so yes. This is an old one, but I have some suspicions about who was arrested and their connection to Isla, and I need to know if I’m right…

I find myself flitting from book to book, not able to properly settle into something recently. And I can’t pick why – is it the end of the year vibe? Do I need a book break? Is there such a thing as a book break?



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