Because You Love to Hate Me: Everyone loves a good villain story*

Because you love to hate me book review

What is this about?: Villains, of course and the stories you never knew about them.

What else is this about?: Each story is followed by the person who set the challenge, with a take on villains, I have to say is less fun than you’d think it would be.

Blurb: Leave it to the heroes to save the world–villains just want to rule the world.

In this unique YA anthology, thirteen acclaimed, bestselling authors team up with thirteen influential BookTubers to reimagine fairy tales from the oft-misunderstood villains’ points of view.

These fractured, unconventional spins on classics like “Medusa,” Sherlock Holmes, and “Jack and the Beanstalk” provide a behind-the-curtain look at villains’ acts of vengeance, defiance, and rage–and the pain, heartbreak, and sorrow that spurned them on. No fairy tale will ever seem quite the same again!

Because you love to Hate Me is ambitious, I think.

It pairs a lucky number 13 (a number who gets a bad rap) authors and Booktubers to come up with 13 tales of villainy like you’ve never heard before.

Well, you may have heard some, but I was thoroughly entertained – following a God of War as she grows up, leaving havoc and death in her wake or a sea witch who I found deserves every bit of revenge she can get. There’s the tale of Jack and the Giantess I did not see coming, and a story of Gwen, Arthur and Lancelot in high school, that reminded me just how much I don’t like that story in whatever incarnation there is.

These are just some of the tales that stuck with me, and some I didn’t have the patience to see through to the end, even though they were short stories. This book is ambitious, for sure, but I can’t say that every tale lives up to the promise of the premise governing them.

What I straight up did not like though, were the chapters after the stories – see, the authors of the stories were set challenges to write stories about villains and those that set the challenges were given a chance to explain why or just ramble on about villains in whatever format they wanted. Which, to be fair is many, many readers’ cup of tea if the Goodreads rating is anything to go by, but it’s overdoing the explanations for the book – it’s like the Darth Vader pre-equals that ruined Star Wars.

Less is more.

Let the readers make up their own minds about these stories and these villains, because no matter what I feel about the writing of some of these stories, the writing for the most part is original and thoughtful and I would want readers to experience it for themselves without the book notes after each chapter. Maybe because they were geared towards readers in schools or something. I don’t know, but I can’t say I read every one, I was too bored.

* Except the Darth Vader pre-equals. I stand by this. Forever.


  • I’ve heard the same thing from another blogger, that they didn’t like the parts after the stories. I suppose one could just skip them, but I know if I did that I’d feel like I was missing something, so not the best solution. And prob not a good thing if readers want to skip whole sections of a book anyway!

  • This DEFINITELY smacks of ambition… But I’m really sad that it didn’t live up to expectations. I love an antihero and I love it when an author can give an awesome take on a villain (Marrissa Meyer Heartless!!!) but this one just doesn’t sound like it would be what I would want it to be…..

    Great review as always

  • Angela says:

    For the most part, I enjoyed the short stories, but I totally agree, the notes after each one didn’t do anything for me. They weren’t particularly well-written and some didn’t even make sense.

  • Not sure if this would be cup of tea either. 🙁 And I do enjoy a good villain!

  • I actually took this one off my TBR after reading so many mixed reviews for it. All of the reasons you mentioned are why I decided it probably wouldn’t be a good fit for me. It’s disappointing since the overall concept for it sounded so good. Great review though. Very helpful in reaffirming my decision to pass on it.

  • I’m curious about this book just by reading the title. Thanks for your awesome, honest, detailed review. Love it. ❤️❤️

  • When I found out about this anthology, I was pretty excited. There were a bunch of my favourite authors in there, and villains/morally-grey characters are some of my absolute favourites to read about. Which I guess is why this was such a disappointment. I liked only a handful of the stories, and some of them weren’t by my favourite authors. Some of the stories were painful to get through. And some were simply forgettable.

    I was the same as you: the commentary from the YouTubers felt unnecessary. I think there were maybe one or two that I genuinely enjoyed, but all of the others felt very ~extra~ for the most part. An opportunity for the booktubers to have their words in print. As scathing as that sounds.

    Sorry this one didn’t go down well for either of us!

  • Tasya says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this! I was excited when it was first announced but I’ve heard the same complaints about the after-story chapters. I guess it’s a way to promote the booktuber themselves? Anyway, I hope your next read will be better! ❤

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