#5Books: Book recs and the week that was

#5Books recs for the week ending 26 Nov

So what’s new over in your neck of the woods? The fact that it’s a little less than FOUR weeks to Christmas and 2018 just sunk in and my mind is blown.

This year, looking back at 2017… I don’t know how I got through some parts of it and other parts I want back… but such is this year.

How are you doing now that 2018 is literally around the corner?

Has the World Ended Yet

At the rate we’re going, I feel sometimes, this is a valid question in reality, but for the book, first, up it was the cover that grabbed my attention even before I knew what the book was about. The colour, the retro comic book look — just the type of thing that attracts me. And then this is one of the stories in it: retired superheroes living in a soulless suburbia where everyone gets lost trying to get home. Then the angels start to fall from the sky. And then there’s: Loki sleeps in alleys… Mars runs a hedge fund that preys on distressed companies… [and] Dionysus makes sex dolls in a Los Angeles warehouse. So what is this book about exactly? The end of the world I think, or maybe what it means to be human when we see all these fantastical characters in very human situations.


I’ve rec-ed Claire North books before, and I have to admit, I’ve tried them and not liked them. But here’s another one because whoever is writing her blurbs, keeps making me think that every one I read, I’ll love, and I live in hope: will this be the one?

84K is the cost of  a crime. In this new world North has created, life and crime is defined by how much you can pay to escape punishment. Theo works in the Criminal Audit Office, assesses crime and makes sure people’s debt to society is paid — basically, the rich are getting away with murder.  And then he finds out his ex, Dani, has been killed and he won’t let it rest.

Every damn time these blurbs suck me in, and I don’t even resist!

The Perfect Mother 

With a title like that and a mystery to boot, this sounds kind of ominous… which is probably why one of the books I recced last week has the same type of title, except it’s about a nanny.

This is a book based around the May Mothers, a mother’s group whose kids were all born in May. They hang out, they bitch and I suspect they might all compete to see who is the best mother. But this is their lives… until one night, when they are having a night out*, one of their babies is kidnapped, and Winnie, the mum, and all her secrets are thrust into the media.

Thing is the blurb notes that no one is really close to Winnie, but they will go to great lengths to help her… even when the media turns to investigating them, finding out their secrets and exposing them all. Interestingly, this occurs over exactly 13 days, and I am ready for an exploration of these relationships.

*I don’t entirely appreciate the idea that a baby is kidnapped, the night the mum decides to have a night off, but that’s a rant for another time.


Magic! And also cheating — but. Still magic! Natalie is washed up at 27 — a washed up magician that is. After a disastrous relationship with an older magician no one will hire her, so she becomes a journalist — on the art of cheating at cards. And then when she meets a poker cheat, all thoughts of writing an article about cheating at cards fly out of her head because he wants her to cheat at cards, to the tune of $1.5mill, and thing is, if it works? No-one will ever know.

I’m so hooked. HOOKED #sucker for the right blurb right here people!


I have 100% been in denial about the end of the Iron Druid series, even as I know it’s the right decisionHarry Dresden, I’m looking at you. Ragnarok — and no I’m doing this deliberately — has come and Atticus, a 2000-year old druid is off to Asgard to face off against the Norse Gods, and all I can say is this: Oberon, his dog and arguably best friend and love of his life, had better bloody live through this. Take everyone else, and leave the dog alone. Nods

And that’s all she wrote this week. What strikes your fancy this week? 


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