#5Books: Book recs and goodness, what a week this has been

#5Books for the week ending 1911

Technically last week, which is this week as I write this. Does that make sense?

As I write this part of this past at least, I am watching a bit about kids who are different in Australia — the kind of kids who look different, and aren’t like the others — I don’t want to use the word normal, because in every sense of the word, aside from their looks, these kids are normal. The segment on the The Project also highlighted The Wonder, which yes, every time the trailer comes on I sob. I can’t help it. Has anyone read this?

In other news, Australian didn’t legalise gay marriage, but the results of a postal survey to take the temperature of the country, so to speak, about legalising same-sex marriage came in this week and YES won emphatically. The NO vote was emphatically CRUSHED — not even a majority in any state, but the conservative fear-mongers are already at it, working out how to change anti-discrimination law, and using everything they can to make this vote about every one of their misguided, bigoted fears instead of actually same-sex marriage, which you know unless you’re in a same-sex relationship really does not have anything to do with you. AT ALL.

Whew. I have feelings about this.

Anyhoo, I have feelings about these recs too:

Now is Everything 

WHEW. This book. The Goodreads blurb really only tells you so much, but this review does much more to put things in perspective: The book is told in alternating timelines surrounding Hadley. She tries to commit suicide after her parents are killed in a plane crash, even though her little sister is still alive by virtue of missing the flight. The crash investigator begins to dig into the crash, and Hadley and instead of a picture perfect family, what evolves is a family held in the grip of her father’s violence and a mother who won’t do anything. Hadley lives to protect Lila, but when she falls in love, her father realises that to control her, he has to turn his attention to Lila. So where does that leave Hadley? … and to me, after reading the second blurb, I have to wonder — was the accident really an accident? This whole blurb gave me chills and made my heart sore at the same time.

The Beast’s Heart

That time you go to a Blogger night at Hachette Australia, get a  gorgeous arc of this book — which is a retelling of Beauty and The Beast from the Beast’s perspective, and the next thing you know you’re doing a readalong with the author and your book club on Whatsapp. Yup.

The Library at the Edge of the World 

I’m putting this here, because reading this blurb just 100% made my shoulders and neck soften and I smiled — while keeping an eye on my new iPhone, which at 6 days old has to go back to the store bc the receiver is effed, and I don’t even know why. So as you can imagine, I was not in a good mood while waiting for the thing to back-up, which also: iCloud effing sucks. I’m still not over it, as you can see, so that’s why this deserves a spot on this rec list: because it’s about a lady with a mobile library, a shitty husband and her realisation that she may not belong in London any more, but where she is right now, with her mobile library is just where she’s supposed to be. Ahem. I have emotions about this one for many reasons.

Miss Subways

David Duchovny wrote another book. Goodreads bills this as a supernatural NY love story, which yes, it got me. And also DD is writing it. Emer lives in New York and seems to be trying to figure out what life has in store for her. Is it just that she’s supposed to be in NY with her boyfriend Con, with dreams of writing? It’s loosely based on a play called The Only Jealousy of Emer, which yes, I had to look up, and has a cast of mythical figures from all around the world, which is what got me the most. Also David Duchovny. Who else is hanging out for the next Xfiles??

The Perfect Nanny

Alright, this touches on not-nice subjects that mums you may not like, so I thought I’d lead with that: it’s based on a true story in part (a US murder case), and is translated from French, and by a Moroccan author. Louise is the perfect nanny for Myriam and her husband. She’s everything they’d want, and their children love her, but the parents and the nanny is such a complicated relationship, and with these three, it brings jealousy, resentment until everything implodes. … and like all implosions, there’s nothing good about it. There’s something about the cover, about the perfection in it that could be a child’s torso or a nanny that grabbed me. It reminded me of a horror movie costume I’d once seen, but this is a different kind of horror. I wish I could truly explain why I like crime novels — I usually go with the idea that it’s the bad guys (almost) always get their just desserts, but sometimes it’s about the questions they force us to ask about humanity and all sorts of things we don’t want to think about. And that’s where this blurb led me.

Well that’s enough deep thinking for me! What about you?


  • Ja sam says:

    Miss Subways is not out yet.

  • Ah, the curse of technology woes! I got an ipod a couple of years ago and after weeks of issues I sent it back and returned to my trusty mp3 player! I tend to avoid technology as much as I can! My ereader is as complex as I like it!

  • The trailer for Wonder makes me cry too. I haven’t read the book yet though. I really need to pick up a copy.

    Your recs this week sound amazing too, especially Now is Everything and The Library at the Edge of the World.

    And I have no idea what rock I’ve been living under, but I had no idea David Duchovny wrote books. I’m definitely going to have to check those out!

    • Verushka says:

      Right? How wonderful is the little guy in it? He just breaks my heart and makes me hopeful all at once. … Suzanne! He’s written three books! How’d you miss that?? Wait, do you watch the X-Files??

  • It’s too bad about them not passing the law for same sex marriage. In the U.S there are still states that refuse to issue marriage licenses to couples even though it it legal in some states. Our best friends have been together for over 15 years, but the are still not allowed to be married. I feel for them.

    These are some really good rec’s. I keep looking at The Perfect Nanny, it sounds like something I would like. 🙂

    • Verushka says:

      It’s insane that such a wonderful relationship like that (and others) just aren’t legal. The Perfect Nanny is creeping me out big time, and saddening me entirely at the same time.

  • Rebecca says:

    I love good book recs. I just ordered a new book based on another bloggers rec and that’s usually what I do when it comes time to select a new book just for me instead of an ARC or a book club pick. I’ll be taking a look at these, thanks!

  • It’s wonderful that so many voted yes, and I too will never understand people who are so determined to control the lives of others in ways that don’t even affect them at all. *sigh*

    Oooh what?! I’m definitely going to go check out The Beast’s Heart! I hadn’t even heard about that one.

    • Verushka says:

      Right? And now the thing has to get passed through parliament to become properly legal. The Beast’s Heart was a good read, a little too angsty and left me wanting to know more about Beast and Isabeau in this retelling in some ways. When it’s a retelling form someone else’s POV, it’s always hard to find a balance between what to say and what not to say.

  • It’s awesome that so many voted YES and I agree with you. Why do people need to poke their nose into the lives of others and make the world a difficult place :/

    The Beast’s Heart looks gorgeous and yay for a Beast PoV! 🙂

  • Glad so many people voted yes! Too bad the people in charge won’t listen. I am definitely going to have to check out The Beast’s Heart because that is my favorite fairy tale. Also, I’m super curious about the David Duchovny book. Hope you have a great week.

  • I thought Australia had voted yes? Aw, I’m kind of bummed now – but that’s great that so many did say yes! I just don’t get how this isn’t legal everywhere. You shouldn’t be able to tell people they cannot get married. Makes no sense to me.

    As for the books, The Library at the Edge of the World seems really sweet!

    And I really hope to see the movie Wonder soon. Loved the book so much.


  • Lily says:

    I think The Perfect Nanny looks super creepy o.o

  • Gosh- you know… At the risk of sounding awful, sometimes I just think that Australian’s are ridiculous. Everyone is up in arms about all sorts of things that SERIOUSLY? Is it THAT important? Do you have to make a big deal out of ALL THE THINGS? Do you not realise how good your life is? /end rant

    No, but seriously – I’ve been in and out of Zimbabwe for years now, and I’m here currently and really? These people have far more to complain about! Although last night was a massive celebration!!!!

    Anyways – enough about politics because really, that will just cause an argument.

    The Beast’s Heart looks amazing. I’ve just read a Beauty and the Beast retelling and although it’s not my favourite fairytale I do love retellings! I can’t wait to see your thoughts.

    I used to love Xfiles, and my friend had a MAJOR crush on DD…

    V – I hope you are well and I hope that you are having a great week!

  • Daniela Ark says:

    ahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds the “last week/ this week” confusing when I write these posts 🙂 Wonder is one of my top books ever and yes it does make me cry both the book and movie! I love the way you say it V! “it really does not have anything to do with you. AT ALL.” I have strong feelings about this too! so sending you hugs and love xoxo

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