My weekend in Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart tasmania

There’s a rule in the universe, that the moment you have time for three days away in a beautiful place, it will rain heavily, or there will be a hellacious cold snap and being the Sydneysider you are, you will spent those three days frozen to the bone. 

(But sharing the cold with good company helped!)

That pretty much encapsulates my three days in Hobart, Tasmania, where by the way, I don’t think they know the meaning of the word traffic jam. I’m not even kidding. The highways were normally busy, but the middle of the city, not so much.

We found the waterfront, and realised how much we’re missing out on the sheer deliciousness of their chocolates, OH MY GOD.

And then, there was Salamanca Markets, which has the prettiest things, all handmade and the like, BUT, so expensive, I wanted to cry. We took a tour around the city and marvelled at the old houses still standing tall, and so expensive, and I have to say, this is one of the most laid back cities there is.

BTW, hands up who knew Errol Flynn was born there? Apparently, he has a bit of a reputation there too!

And that would be why there are no recs this week, and my catch-up was so behind. Check out my instagram for more pics! 


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