#CBCA: Pepsi the Problem Puppy

CBCA review Pepsi the problem puppy

What is this about?: Rosie wants a puppy and after much discussion her parents decide on Pepsi, who at 8 months is the most rambunctious, mischevious puppy there is. Meanwhile Rosie tries her best to train Pepsi, as she’s ever aware of her mother’s ultimatums.

What else is this about?: Responsibility and teaching children that parents actually do have a point to their rules

There is just so much to love about this book, but most of all it is a lesson in patience and responsibility for any young person wanting a puppy or something else entirely.

Rosie is an energetic young girl who has a younger brother she wants to keep out of her room, and a deep longing for a puppy. Her father Dave surprises her one morning when he tells her that he and her mum are considering a rescue dog instead of a puppy. Her mum is as clear on what she wants in a dog as Rosie is, and a puppy might not suit everyone’s needs. But Rosie is thrilled at the prospect of the dog and eagerly awaits her father’s return from the pound.

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