#CBCA: The Vampire Knife book review

The Witching Hours The Vampire Knife review

What is this about?: Siblings, Anna and Max are taken to Transylvania by their Dad who has some important books to read for his work. That’s when they meet a vampire. And also get kidnapped by one

What else is this about: Strong sibling relationships and strong friendships

Anna and Max are siblings on their way to Transylvania with their Dad, the Professor, who needs to visit a library there for his studies. He seems a bit absentminded, but Henseleit makes it clear he loves his kids. Their relationship – of which there should be more in the book – is fun and the author conveys the warmth of that wonderfully.

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  • I love it when parents and sibling relationships are portrayed well. There’s just not enough of that in YA.

    I like the sound of all the creatures they come across and it really sounds like a great October sort of book. 🙂

    Great review!

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