#5Books: Book recs and The Office Life

#5Books for the week ending 15 October

It never fails to mystify me why people treat their office kitchen like it’s their one at home. Yes, by all means, leave your dirty spoon on the corner, because your wife (or husband) is going to come by and clean up after you. Of course, you should leave your wooden stirrer there too! It absolutely is easier than turning around and putting it in the bin — and I do literally mean turning around. Maybe, reading the organic, recycling and garbage stickers were too hard? That happens it does.

Yeah, there are some things about office life that will never not annoy me with their thoughtlessness. Mind you, I once worked in an office where a guy soaked his shirt in the kitchen sink, so you know…

The Last Day of Emily Lindsey

I don’t like covers with faces on them, but this doesn’t count, I don’t think because this lady on the cover, who looks like she’s a flower child out of the 1960s, and half her body cut off as if she was in a torn photo... there’s just something about her. And the blurb si both interesting and frustrating because it’s about a symbol a detective, Steven. has been dreaming about. And then, it bursts into his reality with the case of Emily Lindsey, a blogger found with a knife with someone else’s blood and an obsession with scratching out the symbol our detective has been dreaming about. So, how does it connect Steven and Emily? The thing with vague blurbs is the conclusion? Can have the tendency to be lame when compared to the expectations of the readers who were taken in wondering about the links between these two random people… which blurb has done that for you? Given you this amazing story, but the reality of it just sucked?

 A Long Day in Lychford

Paul Cornell is one of those authors I’ve been meaning to get into — specifically his Shadow Police series — but haven’t yet. So I got to wondering: I probably need to jump headfirst into book 3 of the series — the one with Sherlock Holmes’ ghost — or I need to try an entirely different series, like his Lychford series. So in book one, we’re introduced to Lychford and Judith and the fact that that Lychford is the boundary between two worlds. In book 2, there’s a ghost, Christmas and we learn there are now three witches, and in this one, interestingly, it’s taking Brexit into account, and making it an important part of the story somehow. How do the hikers and magical borders of the town fit into it? And why, WHY do I keep finding the good stuff in the middle of the series?! Though on the upside, Goodreads describes this as a novella *whee*

The Coincidence Makers 

I don’t quite know what to make of this, but I am so taken by it! So, Guy, Emily and Eric create coincidences after graduating from of all things a coincidence creation course — which means basically they’re creating people’s fate. But then Guy gets a different mission, and a mysterious killer appears in town, AND there are other forces at play, once that aren’t like them and their control of fate. So basically, SUPER CURIOUS because all of this comes together to give us a story about free will, fate and true love.

Girls Burn Brighter

This is about a friendship between two girls that spans two continents — it’s the kind of friendship that you’ll count yourself lucky to have. Poornima and Savitha meet when her mother dies and the two become fast friends. However, after something happens in their village, Poornima’s father drives Savitha away… but Poornima sets out to find her — through India’s underworld, and eventually to Seattle. This story is from both their POVs, and yes, it’s got domestic abuse, human trafficking, immigration ad feminism. And it’s going to break my heart.

Paris Metro

This is the story of Kit, a US journo living in Paris with her son Ahmed, from her estranged from her Iraqi diplomat husband. Kit has had the kind of life you’d expect of a journalist who covered 9/11, war and the refugee crisis. Then Charlie Hebdo happens and the Bataclan attack and Kit becomes a journalist again… and begins to suspect her son might be running with the terrorists. The last line of this blurb gives me pause: a deeply moving story about the psychic effects of the Age of Terror –> I think it’s talking about what’s changed in us, our suspicions for instance

That’s all she wrote. What’s striking your fancy this week?




  • I should know when I read this feature, my wishlist is just going to grow. I want to read some Paul Cornell too. I’m always finding books that sound good, but then realize they are part of a series. And I’m obsessive about reading books in order which also SUCKS. I think that is why my wishlist is so long! I end up adding them all. Yes, office kitchens are horrible. And don’t even get me started on office food thieves!

    • Verushka says:

      I never labelled food until I got to the office with the laundry shirt LOL! People there didn’t tend to believe in sticking with the food they brought ahem. Ahh, I’ve been on a roll with starting a series in the middle-ish, but it helps that they tend to be standalone within the universe. The other linked books in a series just do kind of sit on my TBR, alas.

  • Silvia says:

    I don’t envy your office life . . . Some people, really -_-
    As for the books you listed, they seem pretty interesting titles and I surely hope you get to enjoy all of them a lot 😀

  • Angela says:

    It’s good to feel comfortable at your job, but not THAT comfortable.

    I have The Coincidence Makers on my TBR, it definitely looks like a trippy book!

    • Verushka says:

      Ahhhh, The Coincidence Makers is TOTALLY trippy! The guys at the laundry shirt place also made their breakfast — including bacon — in our kitchen sandwhich makers. I did not think that was even possible.

  • My dad never cleans up after himself-spilled pepsi, sticky patches of honey, empty crisp and biscuit wrappers…it drives me mad when he is two steps away from the bin when he does it!!!

  • Ooh sounds like some nice reads!

    And oh gosh, that’s awful that your work kitchen has items just lying around. People do crazy things.


  • Oh I hated the office kitchen when I worked. People would leave it a mess and heat up stinky food yuck. Great recs!

    • Verushka says:

      I will never forget the day I found the guys at work making eggs and bacon on the sandwhich maker. Nope. No. (And thank you!)

  • Sam@WLABB says:

    Girls Burn Brighter sounds really good. I have to add this one to my Goodreads. And that kitchen story is quite shocking. That is definitely crossing the line.

    • Verushka says:

      It does! I am hoping for a powerful story about friendship in that. (Kitchen horror stories. There’s a blog or twitter account somewhere just waiting to be made)

  • My husband was just talking about this. The office kitchen has a dishwasher and there are signs to rinse and load the dishwasher. The CEO of the company makes lunch in their a few days a week and leaves a huge mess from dishes in the sink to lettuce and cheese on the floor. Poor cleaning lady has to be his mother!

  • Kelly says:

    Good lord, soaking in the sink? I’m assuming he stained it throughout the day but who is honestly that vain to start soaking it at work. Girls Burn Brighter sounds remarkable! I love books that delve into rich cultures and span continents. It sounds incredibly poignant though and a little confronting. Have just added it to my Goodreads and looking forward to its release. Thanks so much for sharing Verushka and putting it on my radar sweetheart <3 <3

  • Ugh, office kitchens sound awful. Idk if I’ve ever had a vague blurb disappoint me, but I do know that I just get annoyed with vague blurbs. And lol maybe you should reading blurbs for books in the middle of series? Or when you find interesting, you can just start the series from the beginning and have that book to look forward to! That’s what I would do 🙂

  • My husband complains about this very thing at his work all the time. He takes his lunch and stays out the break room so he doesn’t have to babysit as he calls it. He’s a supervisor, and it irritates him so bad, he told his people he would would make them clean the entire break room if caught them just leaving it like that.

    The book recs are good one. I will have to check out Girls Burn Brighter.

  • Woah – soaking shirts in the sink at work? That’s not cool! Thankfully all the offices I’ve worked in have been small and niggle free with very considerate dwellers – I wish every office could be the same.

    Ahh – I didn’t know that you were one of the ‘non-facers’. 🙂 I myself don’t have a problem with people/faces.

    I’m having a bit of a book slump me thinks. I’m trying to get back to reading a lot more of my own personal TBR rather than ARCs etc because I want to remember what I love about reading and not feel the pressure of having deadlines etc. I have enough of those in my work life right now! I just wish my brain could stay on that track though, because then I see shiny new ARCs and can’t help but hit request… Doh. Distracted by shiny things…

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  • oh wow Girls Burn Brighter sounds fantastic all the topics I like in one book! I’m gonna have to read that one! I’m sure I’ll break my heart too!

  • I just had a similar rant about our office kitchen. Some of the things my coworkers do in there makes me wonder what their kitchens at home look like. So annoying.

    Great book recs. I’ve had my eye on Girls Burn Brighter for a while now. It sounds so good!

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