#5Books: I have book recs and a very boring update on life

#5Books for the week ending 8 October 2017

It’s weird how the smallest things can make you feel small, isn’t it? Even when you’re doing something to be conscientious and you know, not give out the wrong information. I love it when I have to work with people who think they’re too important to answer my questions — which is my job — answering questions and making sure I send the right info out to people.

Eh. That’s why I have books and my book recs, and seriously, can someone just pay me to do this all day?? Who would not like to spend their day reading a Singaporean cozy mystery rather than work.

Meddling and Murder

It’s book 4, and it was released in April I grant you, but I decided it should count. Aunty Lee is the owner of Singapore’s best loved restaurant and she loves a good mystery — which 4 books later, that much is obvious d’uh. When Beth Kwan, a businesswoman tells Aunty Lee her maid has dissappeared, Aunty Lee organises it so that her maid Nina helps Beth out. Which is a wee bit of a problem when Aunty Lee realises Beth might be the reason her maid disappeared in the first place. And that Nina is in danger. Yes it’s straightforward, but it’s a Singaporean cozy by an award-winning playwright and author.

Enemies Closer

I love this cover. It’s seriously eye-catching, and looks just like a tabloid. Marcee is a woman after my own heart because I’m having one of those weeks. Or Fridays. It’s complicated. But I know Marcee, and I like her and I’m not the one in the room that’s going to get all the attention, that’s what the Claires in my life get. But back to the book — who doesn’t want a little dazzle in their life? I can understand Marcee falling into Claire’s life and loving it, but it intrigues me most is how she starts to see through it all — but why does Claire have it out for her?

The Darkness Within

So this one has an unexpected premise or creepy is more applicable Jacob is given a heart transplant, effectively saving his life, but then something changes in Jacob, and it begins to terrify his parents and his girlfriend, Rosie who begins to bear the brunt of this change. Is this Jacob? Is this someone else? Because the boy they raised might be a monster that committed a crime. I like the premise and the question of who Jacob is become and I can’t decide which conclusion I want it to be more.

My Name is Nathan Lucius

The tragedy of this blurb caught my attention at first Nathan’s BFF Madge asks him to end her life before the cancer does. And then, it’s set in Cape Town, South Africa, which brings a whole slew of other factors and the culture there.  I called South Africa home once, and didn’t know enough of its literature (only the classics everyone read at home) and now it’s the opposite.

Anatomy of a Miracle

This is the story of a miracle or something else entirely. The blurb certainly speaks to large themes, and the one review currently mentions humour, which I did not expect. Cameron is a paraplegic right up until the day he gets up out of his wheelchair. Cue, Cameron ending up in the middle of a debate between scientists, journalists and the Vatican, and it becomes clear that Cameron has his own secrets to hide. So what one earth is going on?? Interestingly, it’s in the format of a a journalist’s report/s.

Not as many thrillers this week, but alot more than have feeling contemplative more than anything. It’s been a contemplative week.

Book quote Mondays

I want to say this is me most Mondays, but really it’s every day.



  • People in general can be super annoying, so thank goodness for books. :D. Ooo The Darkness Within is calling my name.

  • Yes. I love working from home but even then people are, well too peoplely. LOL The Darkness Within looks really good. I am off to look some of these up. Hang in there my friend!

  • I have My Name Is Nathan Lucius on my to-read list. I read The Darkness Within and thought it was good. It’s definitely one you’ll want to discuss.


  • Angela says:

    Interesting recommendations this week! These are all new to me.

    Aren’t people just the worst?

  • I’ve heard real life stories about people who get heart transplants and then start becoming more like the person whose heart they have. It freaks me out and makes me question things I don’t want to question lol, so I don’t think I’d want to read a book with that premise! Sorry about the frustrating people you’re having to deal with though :-/

  • I’m not much of a in person people person, if that makes sense. It sounded better in my head. lol… I think I have been at home with kids waaaay too long, I should get out more. My husband has to deal with people like you are talking about at his job, and gets so frustrated. I hope you week get better. {hugs}

    I’m off to check out The Darkness Within, sounds really good.

  • Kelly says:

    People can be so incredibly inconsiderate can’t they, I hate not being acknowledged when I’ve asked something. It’s frustrating. I hope you have a better week this week Verushka.

    Anatomy of a Miracle sounds intriguing. I must admit that my eyebrows shot up at a miracle curing his paraplegia though. Really interested to see if it’s what it seems actually.

  • I want to check out The Darkness Within. Sorry you’re having a tough week. A lot of people are jerks – that’s why I favor dogs (animals in general).

  • Ahhh, books! They are the escape for many, right? People can be so….. Ugh.

    Coffee and a book so rarely happens for me! These days it’s coffee and then gym, family and work…. Not much of the books! I need to re-establish a bookish routine!

    Hope you’ve had a great week!

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