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#5Books for the week ending 1 october

On Saturday this past weekend I headed to Oz Comic Con for the sole purpose of seeing the GRIMM panel. Yes, Nick and Juliet came to Australia and I got my happy ending of sorts for their characters — because yes, they’re married in real life! I feel much better about GRIMM now because I have no shame in admitting I needed my HEA when I get invested in characters on a show. Yet, not always in books. Go figure.

They were the only guests I really wanted to see and after wandering around the show floor and buying George Takei tickets — WOHOO, he is coming to Sydney too — which begs the question, who is watching Star Trek Discovery? Let me know because let’s discuss! I have thoughts and feels about Phillippa.

I also picked up a free book called Troublemakers by Catherine Barter  at the YA stall, AND saw The YA Chronicles, which is a YA subscription box out of Australia. I wish I had bought the Melissa Keil box (scroll down to the April box) when I was there, but I was too distracted to think about getting it then. Boo.

It was nice and it fun and I consider it the last con for the year (for me) so now I have to wait until next year for con season (which is all of two major cons I go to lol)

But, book recs!

Her Last Day

What caught my attention with this one is the unlikely partners of Jessie Cole, PI and a reporter, Ben. Two very different characters that are linked by her sister’s disappearance and Ben’s amnesia (I have a thing about this trope apparently) after a terrible accident. It’s also worth nothing the blurb mentions Jessie’s obsession with her sister’s disappearance right up front, which immediately opens up some interesting character possibilities for her: she’s bringing up her sister’s kid and obsessing over her sister’s disappearance, which makes for not the best home life for the kid, don’t you think? But, in the grand scheme of the plot: Why does Ben only remember Jessie’s sister out of everything in his amnesia? And how on earth does a serial killer figure into everything?

The Secret, Book and Scone Society

Every so often I find myself in the mood for something magical (so to speak) and quiet. And that’s when I find myself recommending a cozy, and in this one it’s Nora’s talent — for prescribing the perfect book for whatever ails the customer that comes into her store. And in the case of this book, it’s a businessman who needs her help, but before he can pick up the book he is found murdered. That’s why Nora forms the Secret, Book and Scone Society, which consists of a members who want to make amends for what they’ve done in the past — who are these women? The blurb focuses on Nora as the leader, and describes this group of women instead, but it makes me all the more greedy for more details about them — which actually obviously means the blurb worked lol.

The Ghostwriter

This is a blurb is disturbingly light on detail, but what is there has made me go: WANT IT NOW. And also it’s an example of how to write blurb come to think of it. Helena is a ghostwriter. She’s written 15 bestselling romance novels and this last one is her confession. So what the hell is she writing about?! All it tells us is that four years ago something happened, and the police were involved. But Helena hid everything from her friends and family… yeah, this one is a blurb I have to admire for being so vague, and hate because it’s still driving me crazy.

Anatomy of a Scandal

So a scandal in British elite? Yes, I am here for this. James is everything Sophie wants in a husband, except for the rather large problem of being accused of a terrible crime. And she will do anything to protect her family and him. Kate is the lawyer prosecuting his case, and is certain he’s guilty. So the question is: who is right about James? It seems deep in her heart of hearts, Sophie may realise James might indeed be guilty… especially when she considers a former classmate of hers who left college abruptly years ago. Why did she leave? And how does it all tie together to the crime James is accused of now.

And last, is

Her Beautiful Monster

This is a series that is supposed to have been a BBC TV series starring obviously Sendhil Ramamurthy, but I wonder if it is still being made? No matter, having read the first book (and not reviewed) I was utterly YAY when I saw the second book was out. The first one read more like a collection of short stories, and didn’t feel as much as a beginning of a series, so I am hopeful for a better, maybe more cohesive read that reads like a book? So Ravi is a PI at Golden Sentinels, solving cases and saving the day, with help from visions of Hindu Gods. In this book, his colleagues find out about his visions and they’re actually okay with it. Which is surprising, to be honest, but also refreshing. Ravi’s latest case is about a missing will and testament of a Russian oligarch, which leads to … stuff, that forces Ravi to head to LA to lay low. Only it doesn’t work out like that because the next thing you know, Ravi is on the run with a car filled with guns and chased by killers. So how on earth does a case about a missing will result in this happening? And also, Hindu Gods in LA? Yes, I want to see this. nods.

These are the days I wish someone paid me to read and review books #dreamjob Too many books, so little time.


  • The Ghostwriter sounds really intriguing!!

    The comic con sounds like fun. I went to one a couple weeks ago and it was great – I need to see what upcoming ones there are near me.

    • Verushka says:

      I am so jealous you get to go to more than one! I have two during the year in Sydney and that’s it! And Ghostwriter! It very much is. That blurb does it’s job so well!

  • Angela says:

    We loved GRIMM and were so sad when it ended! That’s so cool you got to see them at the convention, and I love that they are married in real life!

    • Verushka says:

      They are just so beautiful together! And Nick aka David giuntoli is so funny in real life! I realised just then how well, grim Nick was in general!

  • That certainly would be a dream job. Once again, you’ve made my wishlist grow – except for Ghost Writer. And that’s only because I saw it somewhere else last week or maybe before that and already added it! Great that you got you HEA!

    • Verushka says:

      Haaa, well damn! I need to up my game! Yeah, I am sucker for a HEA. I got so invested in their HEA for Grimm, I didn’t even realise it was happening!

  • Love Grimm! It’s pretty awesome you got see them in person! 🙂

  • You are right about that Ghostwriter blurb. I really want to know more about that book!

    Glad you had fun at the Con too. I love George Takei so buying tix to see him sounds amazing! I’ve not started watching Star Trek Discovery (still annoyed that CBS is putting it on their paid streaming service instead of on CBS proper, but I guess I’ll watch it once I get over that because I keep hearing good things about it.

    • Verushka says:

      That blurb hit all the right notes with me and I wish more people could write blurbs like this lol They can be sooo frustrating if it’s so long and filled with waffle. Discovery takes three episodes to really pick up but when it does … soooo good!

  • Comic Con!!! One day I should really go to the Brisbane one, but you know I’d REALLLLY love to go to Sand Diego. 😀 One day.

    I saw some of your pics and wow, it looked AWESOME

    The cover of Ghost Write looks great and the blurb also makes it really intriguing – sometimes they HAVE to be vague!

    Hope you’ve been having a great week!

    • Verushka says:

      San Diego — would be the dream lol! I”m just glad this one upgraded to the ICC in Circular Quay and was for once easy to get to. Ghost Writer is definitely one of the most recent ones that stick in my mind. That blurb TOTALLY does it for m.e

  • Definitely too many books, too little time! I’m trying not to think about the shed load waiting for me as I’m sure they breed on their own! What worries me is how far behind on some LONG series I am ie Elemental Assassin!

  • I promised myself one of this years I’m going to Comic Con! Her Beautiful Monster sounds unique Solving crimes with help from visions of Hindu Gods??? [gaps!]

    • Verushka says:

      IA, Her Beautiful Monster is definitely unique! And Hindu Gods — this is the first and only time I’ve seen it in anything!

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