Can’t Wait Wednesday: Two Steps Forward

Can't wait Wednesday- What are book bloggers looking forward to reading next-

Can’t Wait Wednesday was once Waiting on Wednesday, but the purpose is the same: for bloggers to highlight what they’re waiting on. This week I am waiting on: Two Steps Forward 

Can't Wait Wednesday Two Steps Forward


Zoe, a sometime artist, is from California. Martin, an engineer, is from Yorkshire. Both have ended up in picturesque Cluny, in central France. Both are struggling to come to terms with their recent past—for Zoe, the death of her husband; for Martin, a messy divorce.

Looking to make a new start, each sets out alone to walk two thousand kilometres from Cluny to Santiago, in northwestern Spain, in the footsteps of pilgrims who have walked the Camino—the Way—for centuries. The Camino changes you, it’s said. It’s a chance to find a new version of yourself.

But can these two very different people find each other?

In this smart, funny and romantic journey, Martin’s and Zoe’s stories are told in alternating chapters by husband-and-wife team Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist.

Two Steps Forward is a novel about renewal—physical, psychological and spiritual. It’s about the challenge of walking a long distance and of working out where you are going. And it’s about what you decide to keep, what you choose to leave behind and what you rediscover.

I just finished reading this and I can’t wait to post my review, but this is only out on 2 October, so it totally counts for this meme! This is such a lovely, unexpected story that focuses on Zoe and Martin separately before the romance promised in the blurb comes to fruition — and the book, and the characters are far better for it. And, need to mention the location — the Way, a pilgrimage through to Spain with a cast of characters highlighting just what a bunch of diverse characters come to find … something on The Way.

Added bonus, the authors are Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist, husband and wife and authors in two very different genres.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book’s release!


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