#CBCA: Tell it to the Moon

#CBCA Review: Tell it to the Moon

What is this about?: The power of friendship as four diverse girls come together to help and support each other through some tough times.

What else is this about?: Faith, sexuality and family — this really does try to cover some intense topics.

Blurb: To make a dream come true, tell it to the moon! Tell It to the Moon continues the story of Moonlight Dreamers Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose, who are not like everyone else and don’t want to be: becoming friends gives them the courage to be themselves. After failing to find her surrogate mother, Amber is left unsure of who she is and what she wants to do; Maali’s spiritual faith is tested when her father becomes ill; Sky, previously home-schooled, struggles to adapt to the pressures of the school system; and after having found the courage to come out, Rose begins to pursue her dream of becoming a patissier. Once again the four girls band together to help one another overcome their individual challenges and fulfill their dreams in this fabulous and heart-warming celebration of friendship.

This is the second in a series, with the first book, The Moonlight Dreamers, being the story of how these girls became fast friends and formed their club. There are some elements here that might make more sense if young readers tackle that book first, but overall I don’t think they are missing much if they dive right into Tell it to the Moon.

At its heart, this is a simple story about the power of friendship. Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose have formed a strong friendship and it’s clear how much they rely on each other. There’s a palpable sense of excitement and relief when they are all back in London after their separate holidays, and able to talk to one another again.

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