#CBCA: Grover and Squeak’s Farm Adventure shares a story of rescue dogs and well, sheep

CBCA Grover and Squeak's Farm Adventure

What is this about?: Grover is a young rescue dog who finds himself on a road trip to a farm with the most enthusiastic puppy ever — Squeak! Once there, he learns about what kelpies do as well as that sometimes, asking for help is the best thing ever!

What else is this about?: Shares the importance of rescue dogs, and working dogs on the farm and how to stand up to bullies AKA bossy kelpies who think they know everything about herding sheep!

Blurb: Grover is so excited – he’s going on a road trip! But first his owner, Annie, has a special guest to pick up from the animal shelter.

Squeak is a rescued kelpie puppy. He needs a new home on a farm, with lots of room to run around. But Grover has always lived in the city. How can he help Squeak find a new home?

What will happen to Squeak?

Where will he go?

Grover McBane (complete with last name) is a dog who lives with Annie and David. I’m not sure of the background for this couple and Grover, but when this book opens, Annie and David are taking Grover on a car trip. He is terribly excited about it, until his humans surprise him by picking up Squeak, a kelpie.

For a very short chapter, Grover is jealous that they are getting a new dog, and I thought it felt a little like an older kid preparing for a sibling they don’t know quite what to make of. Squeak is very much the younger sibling, talking a mile a minute (in dog speak) and so excited it’s infectious, though maybe for readers and not for Grover!

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