#5Books: Book recs and what is the strangest way a book dealt with grief

#5Books for the week ending 27 august

Grief is such a complicated thing, with people reacting so differently to it every time, in real life or in a book. But I have to say, this is the first time I’ve read about characters who deal in grief like this:

Things I’m Seeing Without You

Alright, I laughed when I read this blurb, somewhat in whuuut manner because this is about a young girl who is trying to deal with the suicide of the boy she loved … and part of that is by helping her father with his alternative funeral business. Which includes burying a horse. I can’t quite compute all of this, but people deal with grief differently, and I am curious to see how things all works.

Do covers ever make you feel cold? As in it’s the middle of winter cold and you’d rather be under a blanket even though you might actually be under a blanket and warm by all other standards? This how this cover makes me feel:

The Child Finder

This is a story about a missing child, and The Child Finder who is her family’s last hope. Naomi is the child finder, famous for her successes. The thing’s that interesting, is that once upon a time, Naomi was a lost child too, and she can’t quite remember bits of her past. And all of this (naturally) ties together with the child she’s trying to find: Madison. Between the chills from the cover, and the promises of secrets in the blurb, this book has my interest big time. It’s a great combination of blurb and cover working together.

Paris in the Present Tense

This is a book that made me pause — I have my own stuff going on right now, the kind that makes me anxious and re-evaluting everything I thought I knew about my life. As you do. So, a book about a 74-year-old widower who is faced with a ton of challenges: including fraud to help his terminally ill grandson, commits an act of violence and then romances a cellist a third is his age. Yeah. And yet the blurb ends on something hopeful. Or that’s how I read it at least. Please don’t let me be wrong! I want something good.

The Chalk Man

This actually creeps me out big time, which of course makes it all the more interesting. It’s the little chalk men that creep me out — look I blame Stephen King and IT. They’re in my brain big time. In 1986, Eddie our MC and his friends are kids, hanging out and leaving little coded messages for each other through the chalk men they draw. And then, one of these chalk men lead them to a dismembered body. Fast forward to 2016, and Eddie gets a chalk stick figure in the mail. And then one of his friends is killed. And then Eddie realises he’s going to have to figure out what the hell is going on. What is curious about this is, it’s about a group of friends, but the blurb at least only focuses on Eddie. Why? How does he — or why is he the centre of it all?

The Black Painting

This one reminds me of Dorian Gray, because you know cursed painting. Which is what the Black Painting is. Or to be more exact, a painting by the artist Goya they believe to be cursed. The four cousins of the Morse family are asked to visit their grandfather, at his home — which interestingly, no one has returned to since the painting was stolen, and from the sounds of it, the grandfather turned on the family. And now he’s dead, and Teresa, one of the cousins he asked to return home starts to investigate, finding family secrets tied to the painting. … family secrets? THE BEST. Haunted, cursed painting? Even better!

I’m amazed at the wealth of stuff I’m finding for 2018 already. Are 2018 diaries out where you are? Because they are here, and I can’t believe that either!


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