In news about books buying their way on to the NYT best seller list: Handbook for Mortals

Can't Wait Wednesday Handbook for mortals

While the explicit mention of a love triangle gave me and other bloggers some reservations about Handbook for Mortals as my Can’t Wait Wednesday pick last week, turns out there’s a WHOLE lot more that’s suspicious about this book: Turns out, someone has bought its way onto the NYT bestseller list.  

You can read all the investigations, with screenshots on that link about. What’s most interesting is the final update at the end of the page where it’s revealed that the author planned all this in order to get a film deal. Oi.

Look, I get that making books into films is the thing some authors would absolutely go for, and you know what, so would I. If my favourite books were turned into movies and TV series I would be SO there. But this buying your way onto a bestseller list to secure a film deal? Really? That’s disturbing.



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