#LoveOzLit: Nova Weetman on the advice she would give her younger self about publishing

#LoveOzLit: Nova Weetman on the advice she would give her younger self about publishing

Be Brave

It’s comforting to know that amazing authors we now know started as insecure as the rest of us — that they could have been braver, or taken more risks in their writing as Nova Weetman says. Every time I see a quote like this, I remember the best authors always started somewhere, and that place is exactly where you and I probably are right now.


  • This is advice I feel like you don’t see often, but I mean, yeah, why not take some risks with your writing? There are some rules that prob shouldn’t be broken, but there are plenty of ways to step outside the box and use your creativity and not worry about what everyone else is doing! I like books that are kinda different or step outside genre boundaries and whatnot. But yes, I’m sure there’s lots of rewriting involved no matter what you do!

    • Verushka says:

      You’re right, taking risks with your writing isn’t generally seen around as advice. I like books that can make the weirdest mashups work — I mean i’ve read what is basically Wild West Fantasy this year, so it can work! I think most of all with the current “Girl” books, with unreliable narrators are getting a bit predictable, and no one is taking risks in the genre anymore.

  • I always find author advice really interesting because writing is such an individual task. Blanket advice like “write every day” really doesn’t work for everyone – forcing yourself to write won’t yield the results you want, anyway.

    I do like this advice, though. I think taking risks and being unafraid to write what your heart is telling you to write is something that it important!

    However, I am a perfectionist so redrafting is not something I can do, haha. I am absolutely fine with editing, but when I finish the first draft of a book I have to be happy with it!

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