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#5Books for the week ending 20 August

So, this week I discovered Grace and Frankie, and oh dear Lord, I haven’t laughed like this in ages! Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are electric together and would I age myself tremendously if I said I enjoyed bodily functions and bodily parts humour I enjoyed??  Is anyone else enjoying this show? And actual adult humour!

I might have watched way too much teen-humour movies/shows at some point, I think.

I didn’t realise until recently that I have a thing about humour — I relish it in books because I don’t find it nearly enough and onscreen, I need more than the usual stuff that’s around. And yes, by that I mean the crass part of bodily function and parts humour.

What was the best comedy you’ve watched on TV or read? 

And you know, I don’t have anything funny in this book recs list — what, I’m picky, okay!

Before We Were Yours

I’ve been discussing covers and people on covers, and right here is one that breaks my heart, when I think of the blurb: Two little girls sitting on suitcases, and the book is based on a true story about a director of an adoption organisation that kidnapped and sold young kids to wealthy families in the 1940s. The narrative is set in two timelines: 1939 Memphis where three siblings are separated from their parents and realise that the facility they’re in, isn’t going to ever return them to their parents. In the present day, Avery returns home to her ill father and discovers family secrets, the kind that tear families apart. It’s the fact that it’s  based on a true story that got me with this one.

Odd Child Out

This one is about best friends, Noah who is British and Abdi who is a Somali refugee, and yes, this is exactly why I want to read this. But then, Noah is found unconscious in a canal in Bristol and Abdi won’t say what happened. Into all this is the hero of this book series (as it turns out), Jim Clemo. I’ve never been to Bristol, or to be fair know much about it, but the blurb describes it as a place where social tensions are rising, and in the middle of all this these two families are pitted against each other. I think we need more stories like this, the kind that takes this sort of tensions on. And I hate that we need books like this at the same time. 

Gone to Dust

Alright, the first time I saw this cover I thought this looked like when I clean out my vacuum cleaner, which as it turns out plays a part in this mystery. A woman is found murdered and someone empties a whole bunch of vacuum cleaner bags over her to obscure any evidence, which as things go is a pretty good thing to be doing if you’re a killer. And into all this comes Nils, a private eye brought in by a cop to help on the case. When the FBI gets involved, its weird because well why would they care about a divorced housewife’s murder? And who was she calling? This one caught me eye because of the well, icky cover and the author is an Emmy award-winning scriptwriter of  shows like Seinfeld and Ellen — > which cool, yeah?

Two Nights

I’ve never read Kathy Reichs. Possibly, because I never could like the show Bones, which was too much like CSI for my liking. But I recently gave Karin Slaughter a go — another author who is acclaimed writer of mysteries and thrillers, but something stopped me from reading her until now (review later on). I am side-eyeing this character’s name thoughSunday Night. For real? Okay, Sunnie has secrets and she’s running from her past, but when a girl goes missing in the aftermath of an explosion the family turns to her for help. So where is the girl? Did she run away? Did someone take her… and yes, this blurb is frustratingly light on who Sunnie is — is she a passerby. A musician, WHAT. I had to read a review to get an idea of her — she’s an ex-cop, with a permanent disability –> which, I wish the blurb mentioned. … I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY the blurb would not mention that. 

The Way Back

I do not like the kid’s face on this cover — it doesn’t give me the sense of anything to do with the blurb, and it’s somewhat creepy. It’s somewhat saved by the fact that the font goes right over her face. Sheesh. But the story? Is about Charlie. She’s 13 when she disappears in a national park. Four months later she reappears and the question is simple: what happened to her? How does her family help her?


What do you think of these recs? Is there  a popular author you’ve never read even though everyone else is?

(Also, who else is watching The Defenders?

ETA: Me! And I was thoroughly underwhelmed. Eventually just fastforwarded through ep 7 and haven’t even bothered with ep8. THIS is what I’ve been looking forward to seeing Sigourney Weaver in? Oi.)


  • There are a lot of authors that are popular that I haven’t read and won’t read, mainly because I don’t like contemporary, romance and crime. I don’t have anything to do with Netflix either…I just watch my dvds! Nice mixture on your post this week!

  • I haven’t watched Grace and Frankie yet but heard good things. I love comedies but good ones are hard to find. Interesting recs this week. Odd Child Out catches my eye.

  • I think the girls on a suitcase is an example of how to do people the right way on covers of books. I really don’t like the cover of The Way Back. I need to know more about a character named Sunday Night. That’s so corny it just might work. I really am enjoying the show “Younger.” It has a forty year old divorced woman pretending to be in her 20’s so she could get a good job in book publishing. It has some decent adult humor. Glad you are enjoying Frankie and Grace. I have a friend who loves that show!

  • Thanks for sharing! I haven’t watched Grace and Frankie, but I’m very curious. I love good humor.

  • Grace and Frankie is brilliant! It started out good but it just keeps getting better and better. That’s definitely my favorite comedy right now, although I’m enjoying reruns of The Golden Girls at the moment. All of these ladies are such comedic gems.

    Thanks for the book recs. I didn’t realize Kathy Reichs had another one coming out, but I usually enjoy her books so that’s exciting news for me. Odd Child Out sounds really good too.

  • I don’t watch much on TV really but I do love books that make me laugh. I really like it when a character has a great sense of humor that just kind of makes you smile. I read Two Nights and really didn’t care for it much. I did love the Bones series so it could just be that it wasn’t to my taste.

  • Greg says:

    I do like humor in books, in fact I just discovered John Scalzi’s books and his humorous style definitely worked for me. I don’t watch a lot of humor on TV though? Seems like it’s all serious SF type shows lol. Maybe that’s why I need some humor in my books. 🙂

    I thought Defenders was a bit disappointing too.

  • All of these are 100% new to me! I don’t have Netflix and I don’t watch TV in general so I’m always clueless when it comes to shows and whatnot. 😀 I do love the idea of adult comedies though!

    Great post! Have a lovely day, Verushka. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  • Added Before We Were Yours to my TBR pile, and I want to read Two Nights. Gone to Dust sounds good too, dang these are all perfect for fall. I will check out Frankie and Gracie

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