#5Books: Book recs and Spring is in the air…

#5Books for the week ending 30 July 2017

I’ve been getting emails from US sites saying that summer is half over, and today is 26 degrees in Sydney and it’s generally getting warmer so I am boooooo, summer is on its way, totally forgetting we need to get through Spring first. It’s totally not, but I live in a state of denial when it comes to where we are in the year and the seasons.

I am also currently watching the last season of Orphan Black and I have no real idea how this is going to end. I feel like all my favourite clones are going to die, and one is going to be left standing. Every clone getting their version of a happy ending is never going to happen is it? Has any show ever ended the way you wanted it to?

And then episode 8 happens and for goodness sake, I don’t need this sort of grief in my life at this stage SOBS

*Yes, this is somewhat random because I am watching as I type this

Let’s talk about some non-lethal book recs that don’t leave me in a blubbery mess, shall we?


What is a psychiatrist to do when one of her patients starts displaying multiple personalities of the people who have gone missing in her town? Defend her from the cops when they start wondering if she might be involved in the victims’ disappearance. This is where things take a weird turn though, for Kim the psychiatrist begins to wonder if she’s channelling the souls of these victims. I don’t know how much faith to place in the Goodreads categories, but it doesn’t mention anything to do with the paranormal, so I am going to take the blurb at face value when it asks: Or is Scarlett playing a twisted game with her doctors and the police? Which, you have to admit it a hell of a twisted game to be playing.

Bibliomysteries: Stories of crime in the World of Books and Bookstores 

Turns out The Mysterious Bookshop commissioned this collection of mysteries or rather bibliomysteries, which all involve a bookshop, a rare volume, a library, a collector, or a bookseller. I mean, there are stories that involve Sigmund Freud dealing with an unwelcome visitor, Columbo and a booksellet, a cartel kingpin and his love for rare books, and the London Library and its secrets. There’s also a magical library thrown in for good measure. I’d list the authors, but really, I was hooked at bibliomysteries and the fact that this was commissioned by a bookstore in New York. 

Don’t Let Go

I got hooked on Harlan Coben when I read Home. Since then I’ve been waiting for the next in the Myron and Win series, which is actually called the Myron Bolitar series, but I loved the friendship between the two in that book and consider the series theirs equally. I haven’t dipped my toes into his standalones, but this one has me curious — and note, since the Goodreads blurb was thoroughly uninspiring I’ve linked to the Amazon blurb which tells a better story: 15 years ago Napolean Dumas lost the two most important people in his life — his twin brother Leo, who was found dead with his girlfriend Diana at the railroad tracks where they live, and his girlfriend Maura, the love of his life, who broke up with him and disappeared. And then Maura’s fingerprints turn up in a car of a suspected murderer, Napolean starts searching again for the truth behind what happened. While this is a straighforward blurb, reading Home has me thinking that there’s got to be much more to this story. And I like Coben’s knack for balance with the emotional and the thriller aspect of this writing.


Look, we’ve all read tons about why Dan Brown is the worst author in the world, but I really don’t care — I enjoy his books. Robert Langdon is in Spain this time for an announcement by a billionaire who promises a discovery that’s going to change the world (as they usually do in Brown’s novels). But something goes awry at the announcement and Landgon finds himself on the tun with the museum director who helped the billionaire in question stage his announcement. They go in search of a password to unlock the billionaire’s secret — which yes, I absolutely want to know what the hell the secret is, because Brown does have a talent for thinking up excellent conclusions IMO to his books.

So, next is a book by an Australian literary critic about a literary critic that pretty much everyone hates…

Get Poor Slow

Ray Saint (HA) is the most hated book critic in Australia and also the prime suspect in the death of a young woman, who he was the last person to see alive. Which of course means he has to investigate why someone wanted this young publishing assistant dead. And this last line in the blurb? TOTALLY got me hooked: As a battered and bloodied Ray investigates more deeply, he is obliged to face the truth: he can’t be entirely sure that he isn’t the killer.

I am on a bibliomystery kick of sorts this week aren’t I? Good though right??


  • I plan to do a binge of Orphan Black when it is all over. I watched the first two seasons then dropped off. I am really interested in the Harlan Coben.

  • Angela says:

    I’m so glad there are others out there who are looking forward to Dan Brown’s new book! I love his books, the mysteries are so intense!

  • Bibliomysteries sounds awesome, and I love the fact that it was commissioned by a bookstore! I’m definitely going to try to snag a copy of that one. Still need to get caught up on Orphan Black but now I’m scared — I love all the clones and want them all to be happy. 😭

  • Ooh so many good ones here! I have the Bibliomystery one on my wish list but I’m now adding Incarnate and Get Poor Slow!!

  • Kelly says:

    It’s so warm up there Verushka! It’s only two degrees here at the moment and dropping. It’s sadly still too wintery to contemplate spring just yet.

    Ooh, Dan Brown? I can’t recall having read any articles that have criticised him though. Is this similar to Stephenie Meyer, how it’s now uncool to like her?

  • Now that you ask, idk if any show has ever ended how I wanted it to lol. I feel like most shows I’ve watched never ended at all -_-

    Incarnate sounds like a really unique premise! Def potential for twistiness. And ooh, a magic library. I don’t even know who Dan Brown is though, so I say read as many of his books as you want lol.

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