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#5Books for the week ending 23 July

You’re totally not looking, and Harry Potter, the series that defined a whole chunk of your reading and movie-going life is 20 years old. 

Yes, I still feel old thanks to that little nugget. 

TWENTY years old. 

What books have defined years of your life like that? I think after HP I am used to dipping into and out of a series, though hesitant to pick one up in the middle of a series, if that makes sense*

Maybe it ruined series reading for me? Or nothing else can compare? LOL!

*I maintain reading habits need not make sense as long as you are enjoying yourself

Alright, I’m going to talk about some books now, some of which have not yet been born um, published yet.

I am Missing

I saw this by chance and then I wondered how on earth I haven’t read Tim Weaver’s books yet. I know it’s a tried and true trope, but I can’t deny a good amnesia story does it for me. In I am Missing, Weaver’s MC, David Raker, is a  missing persons investigator, the kind that always gets his answers. Except, now he’s been asked to find out the identity of a man with no memory, by said amnesiac man. How in this day and age can a man escape having a footprint of any kind? And how is he linked to the death of a woman?? So an amnesiac asking for help is a new one, and after checking out the rest of the series, I was curious enough to jump in at this one. It seems pretty self-contained so I think I can get away at book 8.

When We were Worthy

This takes place in a small town, the kind where everyone knows everyone else, and their business. So to speak. It’s the type of town that celebrates together and grieves together — like when three cheerleaders die in a car crash, and the only survivor is the driver of the other car — thought to be at fault. Interestingly the book focuses on four women — all caught up in the aftermath of the accident — and this is what made me stop for another look. That sort of POV in a book about such palpable grief needs to be done skilfully and it needs to be done right — and I sincerely hope this author pulls it off. What book have you read that tackles an important event from an entirely different POV?

Keep her Safe

Most people always go the right thing, but what do you do when you stumble into a hotel room and find a man and a teenage girl who is supposed to be dead — like her parents are in jail for her murder, the whole country thinks they killed her, and they’re in prison for the rest of her life. So our heroine, Cara, wonders: did she what she thought she saw? Messes with your mind doesn’t it?

You Bring the Distant Near

How gorgeous is this cover? This novel is about an Indian-American family across three generations and explores — culture, faith and how they all come together, or don’t. I love the idea behind books like this — exploring the differences in cultures for generations of a family. Sometimes it’s easy for faith and a new culture to mesh and other times it’s not, but the story is never the same — people are different.

Deeper than the Sea

Beth and her mum Theo live in a small Australian coastal town. Theo worries about Beth going off to college, and falling into the wrong crowd — or boy’s arms, and Beth just wants to earn enough money to go to university. In short, they are the picture of what a single mum and her kid should be. Except they’re not and everything is based on a lie… and I don’t know if I should spoil why? Suffice to say, someone comes into their lives and Beth learns a truth about her mother that changes everything she knows about her and herself too. I had to go read an indepth book review to learn about the secret between them, but interestingly, the reviewer describes it as a coming of age story for Theo and her daughter too.

I need a job where I can read and review and be paid  and no stress. Or a bookstore. #dreamjob #lifegoals

Which books are you looking forward to this week?



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