#CBCA: Let’s do Diwali (Chook Doolan series)

Chook Doolan Lets Do Diwali book review

What is this about?: Chook learns about the most fantastic festival ever: Diwali

What else is this about?: Chook facing his fears and even making a new friend. I swear, this is just gorgeous!

Blurb: Will Chook be able to do his school talk on Diwali? 

Chook and his friend Praj are going to the Hindu festival, Diwali. But big crowds make Chook nervous. Can Praj help Chook overcome his fear? 

I absolutely gasped out loud when I saw the title of this book: Diwali is the Hindu festival my family and I most look forward to, and we are waiting patiently to introduce the children in our family to the festival and all the goodness that comes with it.

From his name, you’ll be right in thinking that Chook is about Australian as you can get.  Lucinda Gifford’s illustrations bring him, with his big innocent eyes and his family, to life wonderfully. Chook is nervous in crowds and when speaking in front of them, and he readily admits that sometimes trying new things isn’t easy for him. The straightforward sentences used to tell Chook’s story have a simple structure, but will appeal to young readers especially those who have experienced the same fears.

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  • Kelly says:

    This sounds absolutely gorgeous Verushka and such a wonderful way to introduce children to other cultures and traditions. Diwali is such a beautiful celebration. I had friends growing up that celebrated and the celebration of light over darkness is beautiful. I’d love to snag a copy of this one for myself.. Wonderful review Verushka <3 <3

    • Verushka says:

      It’s such a gorgeous festival and comes with a ton of wonderful memories for me from my childhood. So this book I was just so HAPPY Kelly (I almost missed my train sitting in my car paging through it!)

  • I like to read children’s books too. I’m always on the lookout for great books to share with my son. He’s a little past the recommended age group for this this one, but I wish it had been around when he was at that age because it sounds like a lovely story.

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