#5Books: A silent art auction for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

#5Books for the week ending 25 June

So last week Thursday, I was invited along to a silent art auction held in aid of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The ILF basically works to get books to Indigenous communities and to close the literacy gap. The auction was to raise funds for their work, and art work was donated by children’s illustrators.

The theme was OWOD (One Word One Day) and basically, artists were given words and had to create artwork in the space of a day. The work was amazing, and sometimes rather ominous as someone donated a wolfman. I wish I’d taken pictures but nope. I did end up bidding on a piece called Cats catching Ladybugs, but as a friend pointed out on the day, they could very well be Pink Panthers Catching Ladybugs, so I’m going to go with that.

I did put some horrendously low bids on artwork that had none, but they were too low and those didn’t get sold. Given I haven’t actually been working these past three weeks, and the one I wanted I got at a good bid, I was happy.

In other news, if you’re not watching the last season of Orphan Black, please go right now and start watching because look where you’re going to see Tatiana Maslany next:

And that’s my plug for an actress that deserves all the franchises ever. Nods.

Now, speaking about awesome (literary in this case) women:

The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter

I am adoring books like this. First Only Child and now this one, which is based on a group of women who happen to have been created by experimentation — but we’re talking about Mary Jekyll, Diana Hyde, Beatrice Rappaccini, Catherine Moreau, and Justine Frankenstein — who all come together to solve a series of murders, and figure out how they came to be. And who else is thrown into the mix? Holmes and Watson of course! Girl power, yes? This sound BLOODY fantastic!

I swear to God I gasped out loud when I found this next book because The Dry is fantastic. Epic. I throw every superlative I can think of talking about The Dry and then I just have to wave my hand and tell people just to go read it. Now imagine me doing exactly that because you know what? BOOK 2 IS COMING.


Force of Nature

Aaron Falk is back investigating the disappearance (or death) of a whistleblower in one of his cases: she’s part of a group of five women who go on a bushwalk, and she disappears on it, well before she could give Aaron the documents that would bring down the company that sent her on a team-building exercise that was this bushwalk from hell. Who are the other four women on the walk? Why do they tell a story of suspicion and violence on an event that should be building trust? Guys, Jane Harper. Remember that name. She’s simply brilliant.

And then for something entirely different, have a comic murder mystery:

Party Girls Die in Pearls 

First up, it’s set in  1985 in Oxford, and of the several blurbs I’ve read about it, one describes is as a comic murder mystery, while others do not, and I have to say, I am hoping somehow that it is indeed a comic murder mystery — not nearly enough of those around don’t you think? So, Ursula Flowerbottom is a country girl who’s come to Oxford not expecting much and finds a dead body. After which, she becomes determined to solve the mystery and get a scoop for the student newspaper. With an American exchange student as her sidekick, she finds herself neck deep in suspects. I am going to say with a name like Flowerbottom, there might be a bit of the comic in this! 

Next is an YA fantasy set in 18th century Cairo, which is what sold me on this. Also: cover.

The City of Brass

Nahiri is our heroine, a grifter on the streets of 18th Century Cairo and she’s very good at her job. Right up until she accidentally summons a djinn warrior, which is a first for her because she doesn’t believe in magic. Except it’s real and she’s got it. The warrior tells her about a city called Daevabad, the city of brass to which she is bound — and naturally, the blurb doesn’t tell us why. But within the city walls are politics and djinn tribes and Nahiri in the middle of it all. Good right? If the 18th Century Cairo setting doesn’t get you, I hope the fantasy potential does! 

And last is a tale of two sisters:

Emma in the Night

Three years ago the Tanner sisters, Cass and Emma, disappeared, and only Cass returns. She tells a story of an island where they were held, but a forensic psychiatrist, Abby, does not believe her. Which sounds all good and well, until the blurb throws in a mention of a narcissistic parent and that Cass return is really the beginning of the crime. So yes, that last bit elevates the blurb doesn’t it?



  • Kelly says:

    Oooooooh The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter sounds like my cup of tea. I love strong women working together to get it done and I love gothic mysteries. I need this book in my life and the cover is absolutely stunning!

    • Verushka says:

      IKR? I had to read the blurb twice over just to make sure I was actually reading the names that were there correctly lol And then I was like GIVE IT TO ME.

  • Silvia says:

    I’m glad you had the opportunity to attend that auction, sounds pretty cool!
    Aaaand I wanna read The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter! Also, I agree with Kelly, the cover looks quite gorgeous 😀

  • I love Tatiana Maslany! I stopped watching Orphan Black but would love to see her in more stuff. Emma in the Night sounds good!!

    • Verushka says:

      I cried when she finally won the Emmy last year — I really did. iwavered with the show last year, but since it’s the final season, I”m all in! I also want Alison to rule the world, but I’ll settle for in charge of Neolution or something lol … I totally gushed there, I know 🙂

  • The art show sounds great and I love the sounds of the pink panther piece – and such a good cause. I have a copy of Emma in the Night and am dying to read The Strange Case…. I didn’t watch this week’s episode of Orphan Black but I have it recorded. I love Tatinia Maslany and and thrilled to see her in something else. She deserves tons of success. Hopefully this movie will get some others to take attention of her. I need to see if my library has a copy of The Dry. I’ve only heard good things about it.

    • Verushka says:

      Ahhh, let me know how Emma of the Night goes — the cover is wonderfully creepy and I have high hopes for that one. I TOTALLY hear you on Strange Case — everything about that is just AWESOME. I am busting to talk to say something about last week’s episode, but I won’t — I’ll just say ALISON. I cannot wait to see what TM does after the show! AND, The Dry. I hope you get a chance to read it, it’s SO GOOD. And even that is an understatement lol

  • I hope to listen to The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter! The auction sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Verushka says:

      The auction was definitely fun — finally took a photo of the picture, so I’ll post that later on this week. I was thinking about an audiobook for Strange Case — it seems perfect for it, doesn’t it?

  • I keep seeing Emma in the Night around and it sounds really intriguing! The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter sounds amazing!! I need this one now.

  • What a wonderful opportunity to be able to attend an auction like that! I received Emma in the Night last week, and I can’t wait to start it. You’ve also added the rest of these books to my list. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Oh, the auction sounds so cool! And what a great cause! I wish you had taken pictures too!

    I’m glad you got the piece you wanted and that it all worked out well in the end.

    I think I need to check out Orphan Black….

  • Everyone keeps telling me I need to start watching Orphan Black. One day I’m going to listen to them and give it a shot, haha. Oh wow, all of these books appeal to me. I just got an ARC of Emma in the Night, which I’m really excited about, because I love books about sisters.

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